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  1. "I Have Faith" threads

    1 post closer to victory! GO WINGS!!!
  2. Optimism vs. reality

    I think it's interesting that u note that one of the reasons u don't have faith is because we outplayed them and still lost twice. Hello?! I'd much rather have outplayed them and lost than played like crap and lost, because it atleast shows that we have consistantly been the better team. It also shows we have the talent and drive to win this series in 7. 2 od the games we lost were close, and could have easily gone the other way. Ponit being, luck bounces around, the Ducks have had the majority of it, now it the Wings turn. Get some faith, and don't count them out.... although I kinda hope the Ducks will count them out, it will make it easier for us to win. But I'm sure they're not counting us out, (like u and the Duck's fans). Wings in 7!!!!!!!!!!! GO WINGS!!!
  3. WCF Game 4 GDT (5/17): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    I never predict games, because I'm always wrong, but the good news is that I've yet to be wrong when presicting a series. I said Wings in 5 from the get go, and I stand by it! We'll kick them when they're down tonight, and then have a nice home victory and celebration for game 5! GO WINGS!!!