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  1. GDT

    this is the most pathetic so i've ever seen....
  2. Nyquist looked like Yzerman lining up that top right corner.
  3. Hope Ericsson has a different jersey next year but he's playing like he already joined the other team.
  4. christ ericcson fight him or gtfo the ice.... lazy hudler looks like he's in the beer league
  5. That's the second Detroit player "falling" into the boards head first. These guys skate every day, they aren't falling head first into the boards without a shove from behind. Hope we return the favor...as long as it's not bertuzzi doing the damage.
  6. do we have a FSN Detroit stream somewhere? i can't watch
  7. salei may have saved one there
  8. I am coming in from Iowa for the Frozen4, is there anything I can do Friday to check out JLA? I know there isn't a game but I want to at least check out the arena and what not. I'm up for some other suggestions also, I am def going to check out Cheli's restaurant ... but other than that could use some suggestions. There is 4 of us 20-24 years old...
  9. someone know a stream other than nbcolympics?
  10. I am staying a few blocks from the staples center this weekend and I obviously want to go to the game - is it best to just scalp tickets or try to go to the ticket office? I understand not many people are from there but just looking for some advice.... Thanks!
  11. fail post...franzen scores
  12. Is there a stream available?