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  1. Pretty much Edmonton as well, no? Teams who have a style/system and who recruit based on that always tend to do better. So yeah I agree with you
  2. Is the only reason to shop him purely that contract then? Is there any scenario where it's worth having them both?
  3. Obvs no one knows for sure, but I think the rules state only 1 goalie can be protected. Consensus seems to be that with the other goalies on offer, and with the other pieces that we'll have to expose, Howard isn't the option to go for. But we don't know how the Vegas team will value him. Just read another breakdown which suggests Howard also still has a NMC. Is that right? EDIT: Modified NMC with a 10-team 'no-trade' list
  4. Been looking at these Expansion Draft mock-ups, and I'm wondering how Holland's moves this year shape that. Currently '' (not sure how good a site that is) have us losing Sheahan. No chance Howard (someone mentioned earlier about him being the starter in Vegas) gets picked, it just won't happen unless we trade before the draft, but with a lot of other goalies/prospects on the books for the draft, Howard isn't even a factor at the moment; Dallas will have to expose a keeper, Subban at Boston, Bishop most likely at Tampa, etc, etc (of course unless things change throughout the year). The other thing I noticed from the article (posted below), is that we seem to be in one of the better positions with who we protect - Tampa for one are pretty screwed in that guys like Filppula have a NTC/NMC and have to be protected, same with Pitts and Fluery (who will have to waive it at some point or he'll be crucified - if he doesn't Murray is exposed to the draft). Chicago can only protect one player since they have 8 NTC/NMC on their books. We have one, Nielsen. Using that, what can Holland do, and if he sat pat with the team we have now until the trade deadline/draft when he knows teams will have to move players to keep others safe, would people still wanting him to do something now? LINK:
  5. Abby and DK with As, Larkin with the C eventually. Basically just the Yzerman-Draper-Lidstrom dynamic; forward who leads by example to captain the team, two-way player who is a locker-room voice to do all the inspiring, defenceman who leads by example to keep it tight at the back. That seems to me to be the Red Wings way, only problem is with our current set-up none of the three (Z, Dats, Kronner) are really talkers and all try to lead by example, which doesn't always work when they have to do everything. Probably why performance has dropped off with each. If he could actually play hockey any more I'd also throw in Franzen. Has more experience out of anyone left really, and can do everything required - play well and chirp when needed. But that point is moot. EDIT: Also worked as the Z-Draper-Lidstrom dynamic too.
  6. Florida also ahead of Tampa, with an extra game to play. If they get in a battle with each other or Tampa look at it being "5 teams ahead of us" rather than looking at points, a distraction like that could make 2nd very achievable for us. Bear in mind Montreal have lost 2 straight as well, so catching them isn't impossible - they also have the WC to prepare for, which is always a tad of a distraction.
  7. Why are we wearing red? In both WCs we wore white, then red, in accordance with today's "red=home, white=road" system, now suddenly it's changed? Also Chicago and Montreal are both in white as road teams?
  8. Signed in specifically to like this. But yeah probs just advanced scouting... although a couple of games in a row is weird, unless they just REALLY don't want to lose to Babs... EVER.
  9. Yeah I'm with you, it's a great thing to do. The only thing I don't like about these sorts of things is that a celebrity/millionaire has to give money to help a hospital - it should be a given that hospitals and schools provide for everyone without philanthropic donations. Unfortunately that can't/doesn't happen. So props to him.
  10. Went there in March. The investment in infrastructure is staggering. Arenas popping up all over, many of which, I imagine, will be multi-purpose. If anything the city is a perfect revenue spinner for any team that heads there. Imagine if the Yotes could just have Celine Dion have a few shows in their barn and take a cut of it. Money.
  11. This. I think GMR said it best though, are we talking years of top play, or 'peak', as in each player at their very best? Think either way Z takes it. I reckon it would be concluded that Z is better. He's had injuries, especially with the back, and if it can be seen that he's over that and back to his best then him outscoring Toews would go a long was to help his argument. However I don't think scoring is everything. The PK would give Toews an edge, but having said that Z had 10 more blocked shots last year (26 to 16) and Miller lead the league in forwards - does that mean Drew is in the mix? Of course not. People bring different things and I think that's why it's been so difficult to separate these two. If they had the points you quoted, with similar ice-time, it still wouldn't be enough to draw much of a reasonable conclusion as, say, 25% of Toews ice time would be on the PK. 75% of Z's 80 points would be 60. So for his ES time Toews would be doing better. But hey, spreadsheets aren't everything (although I personally love them). EDIT: I thought I'd also say (and I may be the first person to say it) that Z is without doubt far better value for money. But that's very little to do with either player, just a factor in the case of "which would you pick?" Toews, I feel, would have accepted less than what he was offered, but when they offered Kane his contract, they felt they had to offer Toews the same. He'd be a moron if he said "nah, just give me $8m-per". Our front office has always been a bit clever with the cap.
  12. I can't help feeling partly responsible for this thread :/ ^ I'd say they're probably pretty even in faceoffs you know. I swear this year I saw them doing more of a Draper with Z, getting him in for draws and then pulling him. ^ Doesn't Z hold the record for the most amount of consecutive 2-shot games? Went on for like 2 seasons? So I can see that. ^ Yeah my initial point in the Quick-on-snipers thread was that Toews wasn't overrated at all. Doesn't mean that Z wasn't unreal. For the record, I said Z prime, Toews currently.
  13. I agree it never mentions Toews individually, but is it a way of saying Toews is integral to making Kane an elite sniper? I know in terms of this article it may be overrating him, but he's in no way an overrated player. Debatable. Z is still beast, but runs out of gas more and more. As has been said he is on a downward trend, yet I do still think he's a league leader. Also the two statements have nothing to do with one another. Even if it was unanimously agreed that Z was better that Toews, that in no way means Toews is overrated. He's still a damn fine player. He also scored an almost identical goal the next season if I remember?
  14. Or is it really that he's a great player getting his props, and people are trashing him because they simply don't like him? It's not like one guy is constantly saying "Toews is amazing, top 5 player", it's pretty widespread that he's being praised, which makes me think it's most likely true. Especially when it's current players saying it.
  15. Signed

    Amazing to think how good Bert was as a replacement on that line for Homer. Obvs not got the net-front hands, but jeez he was better than I remembered him being lol (all from one highlight... yes)