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  1. I did like when Maltby says "Let's have a good time" and takes a swig of beer before leaving the locker room. Legends.
  2. Also, sine he announced his retirement publicly he isn't allowed play for one season. Not to mention he sold his house in Detroit and moved his family back to Sweden.
  3. He also had Smith's ID in his wallet, used it to get into bars and then gave it to the arresting officer. It just makes him look incredibly moronic. If you're going out with the intention of drinking, leave the car at home!
  4. The offer was Filppula, Nyquist and 2013's first round pick. And they wouldn't even negotiate.
  5. So... Lebda anyone?
  6. This might be the ball game.
  7. According to Darren Dreger very little info has been leaked out of Suter's camp. Take everything else you hear with a pinch of salt.
  8. $3m per year and a full NTC according to McKenzie. Guess we're not getting Parise.
  9. Two players from each team have been nominated and the winner from each team goes forward. Might as well start stuffing the ballot. Vote here.
  10. Nope, definitely the 2008 ring, the 1998 and 2002 were ruby and gold.
  11. Saw this over on Reddit. Guy put up a photo on Facebook of a ring he found in the Andiamo's in the RenCen. Looks like it's the real deal, hope he does the right thing and returns it to the Wings.
  12. Asking price for Parenteau is top-propect or roster player and a 1st round pick.
  13. Helen St. James says another D-man is banged up and may not play tomorrow night, that's why Smith was called up.
  14. Smith in tomorrow night, maybe we are moving more D? Doesn't make sense though, Holland always preaches depth on D.