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    **EDIT - UPDATED ON 5/20/11 to allow for Winnipeg** We've gone over this several times, but this time I did some geographic research, travel distances, etc... I'm in the mindset that all teams should travel equally and I would split it basically on a North East to South West type bend and then separate it back into Wales and Campbell Conferences and divisions (division names are just ideas and subjective) - Spread out original 6 teams, 3 per conference, equal West Coast teams split per conference - EVERYONE TRAVELS **DISCLAIMER** - Below are just suggestions and NOT the guts of the post, the real thought is into the re-alignment into an even travel schedule for all teams - take the suggested conferences for what they are. WALES CONFERENCE ADAMS DIVISION Edmonton Vancouver Calgary San Jose Colorado PATRICK DIVISION Minnesota Toronto New York Islanders Buffalo Chicago HOWE DIVISION Columbus Nashville St Louis Detroit Ottawa CAMPBELL CONFERENCE SMYTH DIVISION New York Rangers Philadelphia Washington Florida Tampa Bay NORRIS DIVISION Anaheim Los Angeles Phoenix Dallas Winnipeg ORR DIVISION Boston Pittsburgh Carolina Montreal New Jersey Everyone travels, all teams have ABOUT equal travel all the way around In Division games - 5 games a team = 20 games Out Of Division/In Conference - 3 games a team = 30 games Opposite Conference - 2 games(home and home) = 30 games 2 flex games against opposite conference, geographic relevance/rivalry games = 2 games 82 game schedule. I realize that some teams MAY get boned the most on travel IN division, but put it in perspective, only 10 games of these 20 against these teams will be on the road and it could be part of a west coast swing... also, all other teams in the division, essentially have to make the swing at least 5 times a season, plus the extra 2 or 3 for out of conference, so it comes very close to evening out... it still screws them less than the current schedule screws quite a FEW teams (Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota, Columbus, Nashville, etc...)
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    I figured I'd just start a thread as a place holder for who will soon become the LGW whipping boy... He's by no means all our problems, but he looked horrible tonight...
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    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Crymson" data-cid="2344053" data-time="1358826071"><p> I kept forgetting that he wasn't actually Stuart (with the #23), which was a good sign.</p></blockquote> Not quite as physical, but I had a very similar thought
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    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="amato" data-cid="2343921" data-time="1358825246"><p> Lashoff should take his spot when everyone's healthy.</p></blockquote> With the way they both played tonight, I can't say I'd be upset to see that... Too much money though, it will never happen...
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    He looks horrendous again tonight.. Ugh...
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    Longest Non-Expansion Eras of the NHL

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Richdg" data-cid="2343168" data-time="1358807145"><p> expansion? hell no! if anything, the NHL needs to contract. To many teams and not enough talent to support them. It is all a matter of population. Compare MLB-30 teams and the NHL. What is the population of the baseball playing world? US, mexico, venuzula, DR, Japan, Korea, Tiawan, etc...... est 700 million+. How about the hockey playing world? Canada, Swedan, Finland, the former USSR, etc... There might be a total of 300 million. The NHL should reduce back down to 24 teams and build those teams up and have a better overall product.</p></blockquote> I think your numbers are wayyyyy off, but I agree with your assessment of where the talent pool comes from and there bring a great disparity on that pool's size... With that said, as we've already touched on, there's no way they need expansion... I personally think they should contract to 28, have two 14 team conferences (just for scheduling purposes), no divisions and go playoffs seeding of top 16 make it, no conferences for playoffs, 1 plays 16, 2 plays 15, etc... Kill Florida, kill Phoenix, move NYI to Quebec, do a dispersal draft, sit back and watch the ratings and revenue go up... If you really want, go ahead and move Nashville to Kansas City while you're at it...
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    Wings call up McCollum?

    Because he'll only be an emergency option/blow out replacement/bench warmer... Mrazek is much better served playing in GR, than warning the bench and holding a clip-board here... <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="rick zombo" data-cid="2342875" data-time="1358748382"><p> Why Mc? Because the Monster's hurt. <br /> <br /> But seriously, why Mc? Because:<br /> <br /> 1. He's out of options this year and the Wings need to see if he's worth hanging on to. <br /> <br /> 2. Mrazek is waiver exempt next year, and the year after, at least. So, no need to rush him. <br /> <br /> 3. Mrazek is playing 60-70% of the games in GR, so leave him there to keep playing. If you've going to call someone up just to ride the pine, it might as well be McCollum.</p></blockquote> Ding.ding.ding.
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    Giant Griffins bench-clearing brawl

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="kylee" data-cid="2342530" data-time="1358664860"><p> The Wings need this to happen. Show some heart</p></blockquote> I know, right?! Remember that big bench clearing brawl the Islanders had last year that really jump started that stellar run of theirs to the cup last year!
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    Giant Griffins bench-clearing brawl

    Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast! Brick killed a guy!
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    Weekend Picks

    I'm gonna try and make it a point to do this all year this shortened season...
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    Jamie Benn

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="brett" data-cid="2341380" data-time="1358551816"><p> mule for benn<br /> <br /> 10 years younger<br /> <br /> can produce as much as mule if not more playing with dats or z</p></blockquote> Exactly... So why would Dallas make this deal? I hope this is a joke response in the same vein as the other "suggestions" in this thread..
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    Lombardi traded to Phoenix

    He was never an integral part of that trade to Toronto, he had a bad injury and some thought he may never come back... Tor got rid of the HORRIBLE Lebda acquisition and got Franson who was a highly rated prospect, that wanted out of Nsh, and cash strapped Nsh got a prospect in Slaney in return and dumped the Lombardi contract that they had to pay real money for while he was injured, while only absorbing the remainder of a mostly paid Lebda contract... This deal was more about money than anything and Lombardi was never in Toronto's plans...
  14. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Jusek" data-cid="2340410" data-time="1358295392"><p> Wow, Brunner's been impressive.</p></blockquote> Agreed
  15. Kindl looks horrible... Ugh...
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    Samuelsson has sore groin; day to day

    We've never won a cup in the salary cup era without Samuelsson
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    Eaves Cleared for Contact

  18. stevkrause

    Zetterberg named Captain, 36th Captain in Red Wings History

    Anyone suggesting Helm wear any letter on his sweater, have you ever actually heard the man talk? Don't get me wrong, he's one of my favorite Wings, but he has about the equal intelligence of a dinner plate... There is more to a "C" or an "A" than just work ethic and team play...
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    Wings give Mike Knuble a tryout

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Johnz96" data-cid="2339703" data-time="1358062348"><p> Knuble is not a center.</p></blockquote> He's played a great deal at wing, but he can, and has, played center as well... <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="BlazeYoungblood" data-cid="2339714" data-time="1358081480"><p> Dan Cloutier tried out once too. I don't really anticipate anything coming of this, let our youth play and develop.</p></blockquote> Agreed, I doubt he'll make the team on anything other than a 2-way deal, so, where's the harm? Almost certainly nothing will come of this, and if it does, it will be for a good reason
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    Do you like the NHL network?

    I used to love it... When I bought my new house last year, we called U-Verse and I was promised they had NHL network, they set it up, do the install and leave... I turn on the TV, can't find it... Go online, find out they dropped it in 2011... Needless to say, I've been pretty pissed, but I refuse to go back to Comcast, so it is what it is...
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    Del Zotto re-signs with Rangers

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    Datsyuk @ KHL Skills Competition

    I've missed him...
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    Wings give Mike Knuble a tryout

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="GoWings1905" data-cid="2339625" data-time="1358048796"><p> I wouldn't want Knuble playing over Miller. Drew is extremely valuable to the penalty kill (even more with Eaves out) and has shown the ability to chip in offensively.</p></blockquote> I don't think anyone would argue Miller > Knuble if we're talking player vs. player straight up... As I said too, I wouldn't want him just given a spot, but I wouldn't mind him getting a 2-way and getting a chance to earn a roster spot over Emmerton... Especially come playoff/injury time...
  24. stevkrause

    Wings give Mike Knuble a tryout

    Abby is a natural winger and plays better in that role, furthermore, Knuble has a career 50+ percent faceoff record, something, as a team, we were horrible at last year... as evidence by the amount of time Emmerton got on the ice last year, Babs prefers a natural center at that role and if my choices are Knuble or Emmerton, I'll take Knuble every time... Did I mention he's a right hand shot? I wouldn't want to see him just given a spot, but on a 2-way contract, why not...
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    Jonas Gustavsson's new mask.....

    That thing looks amazing! That's one out my favorite Wings helmets yet...