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  1. Dre Bly for Tatum Bell?

    OMG...the rumor alone makes me happy!!!! but man...too good to be true...
  2. Dre Bly for Tatum Bell?

    we have kevin jones...we just got tatum bell... i predict we'll sign tj duckett and then draft adrian peterson...then draft another RB in next years draft... sorta our MO...runs on guys playing the same position...
  3. 3/6 GDT: Predators @ Red Wings

    i CAN knock it. regardless of who it helps, it's stupid.
  4. 3/6 GDT: Predators @ Red Wings

    shootouts are stupid...and so is 1 point in the standings for overtime losses... but i'm glad we won!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Zetterberg out 2-3 weeks (inflamed disc) go away from the boards for a couple years and it gets overrun with all the slow kids from school...
  6. What is the greatest defenseman in red wings history doing today?

    krupp?!?!? are you serious!?!?!?!? the best blueliner in wings history is clearly yan golubovsky...
  7. Zetterberg out 2-3 weeks (inflamed disc)

    i'm dead serious. we should probably just forfeit the rest of the season and get healthy for next season. i mean, think about it!!!!! us without like the bulls without jordan...the golden girls without estelle getty...siegfried and roy without the homosexuality...
  8. Zetterberg out 2-3 weeks (inflamed disc)

    awww fudge... welp, we had a good season. lets just enjoy the tigers during the off seasons and prepare for next winter...
  9. My trade deadline grade for Mr. Kenneth H. Holland.

    F- this is horrible. we need willy back...and we need our draft picks. kyle was like -7000...he gets on the ice, the other team scores. and berts disc's in his back are all gonna fall out and he'll fall to the ice like a jelly fish...either that or he'll break someones neck and get booted from the nhl. no...the only way we win the cup is by acquiiring martin lapointe, mathieu dandenault, sean avery, darren mccarty, aaron ward, boyd devereaux, sergei fedorov, slava kozlov, brendan shanahan, manny legace, curtis joseph, ray whitney, mark mowers, jamie rivers, derrian hatcher...we gotta bring the old crew back...
  10. OFFICIAL: Todd Bertuzzi a Red Wing

    i want bert to forget about almost killing moore and play like the beast he used to be...that would be awesome...
  11. Bertuzzi hit on Chelios in 2002 Playoffs

    Chelli is gonna put Berts hand in warm water while he's sleeping, put makeup on his face, and put itching powder in his jock strap... Count on it...
  12. Jiri Hudler

    He'll be converted to an ottoman so the normal sized players can rest their weary feet...
  13. Bertuzzi to be on WXYT 1270 at 5:30pm

    Here are the most recent updates on Bertuzzi's back situation. Like I said above, Holland expects Bertuzzi to be in the lineup by the end of March...maybe middle of March... 2/23/2007 Bertuzzi (back) will not play before Tuesday's trade deadline, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. Bertuzzi is practicing again, but is still not ready to get back into games. He is one of the bigger names on the market for the trade deadline. 2/20/2007 Bertuzzi (back surgery) practiced with the team on Monday, but will not travel to Tampa for the Panthers' game against the Lightning on Tuesday, according to the Miami Herald. Bertuzzi's situation is still unstable. "As we know it has gone up and down, and right now it's on a positive side," Panthers assistant coach Guy Charron said. "So, hopefully there is no setback and he can continue and improve." 2/17/2007 Bertuzzi (back surgery) has not practiced with the Panthers in more than a week, meaning a return to the lineup within the next week is not probable, according to the Miami Herald reports. Bertuzzi's back tightened up during the flights involved with the Panthers' last road trip, which has led to toned down activity since. He continues to indicate there will be little fanfare immediately before his return and that he'll just jump on the ice. Still, we don't see that happening particularly soon. 2/14/2007 Bertuzzi (back surgery) has suffered a setback and will not be ready for Saturday's game, according to the Palm Beach Post. The new target date for his return is Tuesday. Florida coach Jacques Martin said the setback is both minor and normal and shouldn't cause any alarm. 2/13/2007 Bertuzzi (back surgery) did not travel with the team for its two-game road trip, according to the Miami Herald. This means Bertuzzi is out until at least Saturday, which was the last confirmed target date for his return anyway. Coach Jacques Martin said Bertuzzi will "get therapy and hopefully do some skating" in the meantime. 2/10/2007 Bertuzzi (back) may not be able to return to action before the Feb. 27 NHL trade deadline, reports. The Panthers have been hopeful that he'd be able to return late next week, which would ultimately raise his trade value as an opportunity for Florida to showcase Bertuzzi for any potential suitors. We'll continue to track his availability. 2/6/2007 Bertuzzi (back surgery) had his first full workout with the Panthers on Monday and is targeting a return on February 17th at home against Tampa Bay, The Palm Beach Post reports. Make sure you have Bertuzzi reserved until he actually plays a game for Panthers. It may take him awhile to get going again since he has been out for such an extended period of time.
  14. Bertuzzi to be on WXYT 1270 at 5:30pm

    during one of the commercial breaks on 1130WDFN, the update guy (i think it was derry) said that holland expects bertuzzi to be in the lineup by the end of march. so i guess that puts him at about 4 weeks away? that's not so bad...
  15. 2006 World Series: Tigers & Cardinals

    kenny has bowel problems. he doesn't like to talk about it, but he suffers from chronic diarrhea. his condition is exacerbated by stress. these days, he suffers from it most severely before his starts. so he jets to the bathroom and takes a runny dump right before he takes the mound. and here lies the problem. he may be a left handed pitcher...but he's a right handed wiper!!! however...the runs hit him so fast that he had left his catching glove on his right hand and had to wipe with his left. and, as we all know, kenny doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. clearly, left handed ass wiping doesn't work so well for kenny. but you gotta do what you gotta do. now if it's a crime to pitch with some poo on your hand, then convict him! but i say poo is kosher!!!!!