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  1. My theory on why Hudler is jumping ship

    Ericsson is not an enforcer by any stretch of the word...nor do you want him to play that role anyway.
  2. Pens sign Jay McKee

    Blues had to overpay as they were coming off a last place league wide finish...doesn't take a genius to figure that out. WE bought him out because we have a logjam on defense with Erik Johnson, Alex Pietrangelo, Jackman, Brewer, Polak, Colaiacovo and possibly 2007 1st rnd pick Ian Cole as well.
  3. Panger signs

    Panger is annoying but Bernie Federko is terrible. I like the move
  4. Versteeg

    I don't really understand why many here feel chicago screwed you guys over, or that you need to pay them back some how. You guys simply didn't have the cap space to keep hossa. If it wasn't chicago it could have been any of 10 other teams. Personally, I wish you guys would have resigned him at a cost of radically having to alter your roster. You guys are better off without him imo.
  5. Blackhawks' Brian Campbell: "Gutless"

    I hate the redwings more than anything in the world but do not have a problem with Kronwall's hit this time. A lot of his other hits I have seen him make have been questionable (ie. leaving his feet), but Chicago should suck it up and try to not focus on revenge as that plays right into the Wing's hands.
  6. Last year's London Knights

    sarcasm is lost on 16 year olds