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  1. Mickey Redmond

  2. Gretzky <3's Zetterberg

    This Zetterberg thread is awesome
  3. New Defenseman: Guess who?

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="kipwinger" data-cid="2344286" data-time="1358869509"><p> <br /> Nobody has said anything about a trade so far. All indications (admittedly very vague) are that Holland is signing someone, which would imply that it's a free agent. </p></blockquote> Glad to hear we cleared that up.
  4. New Defenseman: Guess who?

    Lilja was waived a couple days ago, why would Holland trade for him?
  5. New Defenseman: Guess who?

    @asktheduffer: Some available UFA D - Chris Campoli, Mark Eaton. Brett Clark signed with OKC #AHL; Jurcina, Kubina in Europe. #redwings
  6. New Defenseman: Guess who?

    @TPLhockey: Can't be Lilja. He's under contract. Holland said he filed UFA paperwork with the league. Lilja doesn't fit. Lebda does. =)
  7. Colaiacovo Out 3-4 Weeks with Shoulder Injury

    A 1st rounder for Meech?
  8. Detroit to open the season vs St. Louis

    22nd home opener vs dallas
  9. Rob Zombie to Direct Hockey Movie

    Doubt it, probably be played by Sid Haig or Bill Mosley.
  10. Why is Cleary still on the team?

    That's pretty optimistic.
  11. Why is Cleary still on the team?

    Can't really see how helm or eaves factor into your argument as neither really have a timetable for their return.
  12. Alright, time to call Nyquist up

    If Nyquist is called up he'll play maybe 5 minutes on the 4th line.
  13. Tampa's Tesla Coils ready for tonight.

    That's awesome hopefully I'll get to see them in December when I attend a game down there
  14. Babcock "pissed off" about Burns-to-SJ

    link broken or is it me?