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  1. 2008 Playoff Picks Game

    wow 10th sweeeet i guess picking the dallas sj series perfect helped me a lot DET/DAL: 4-1 PIT/PHI: 4-3 preseason pick for me was detorit over PIT in teh finals cmon boys make me right
  2. 2008 Playoff Picks Game: Round 2

    DET/COL: 4-2 SJ/DAL: 4-3 MON/PHI: 4-2 PIT/NYR: 4-1
  3. Official 2008 Playoff Picks Game

    wow i gotta say this is a great idea! any heres my picks WEST: (1) Detroit vs. (8) Nashville 4-1 (2) San Jose vs. (7) Calgary 4-1 (3) Minnesota vs. (6) Colorado 3-4 (4) Anaheim vs. (5) Dallas 4-2 EAST: (1) Montreal vs. (8) Boston 4-2 (2) Pittsburgh vs. (7) Ottawa 4-3 (3) Washington vs. (6) Philadelphia 2-4 (4) New Jersey vs. (5) New York Rangers 3-4
  4. 12/20 GDT: Blues 3, Red Wings 2

    Wings win 4-3 (OT) NO SHOOTOUTS if ozzie makes start then we win 4-1 please tell me this will be on center ice this nhl net is fukin everything up
  5. Columbus is not a hockey town

    i lived in michigan for 14 years and columbus the last 1 1/2 years and yea this is no hockey city noone plays hockey thers maybe 1 travel team and 2-3 leagues unlike michigan there were so many rinks and places to play and you will never see or hear any buzz over the gameday nobody wearing jerseys shirts jackets anything
  6. 12/15 GDT: Red Wings 5, Panthers 2

    Great GDT wings win 4-1 and osgood plays a strong game as always downey gets gordie howe hat trick
  7. Any one interseted

    wow looks like imma gonna have to take it to the dump guess i could tak it outa the frame and wear it then toss it to the dump
  8. Hartigan Called Up

    HARTIGAN HEADS TO DETROIT GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Grand Rapids Griffins center Mark Hartigan was recalled by the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday. First on the Griffins and tied for fourth in the AHL with 11 goals, Hartigan leads the club with five power play goals and is tied for second with 17 points through 20 games. The Lethbridge, Alberta, native has appeared in 79 career NHL contests with Atlanta, Columbus and Anaheim, totaling 26 points (16-10â€â€26). Hartigan will be available to play tonight when the Red Wings host the Tampa Bay Lightning at 7:30 p.m. on FSN Detroit. didnt see it posted and if it is sorry mgith have overlooked it
  9. 11/29 GDT: Red Wings 4, Lightning 2

    I have the wings here Tamba can score but they can get scored on just as easily Wings 5-3
  10. Any one interseted

    so got a signed brett hull jersey framed and evrything great condition and my dad has been wanting to sell it or putit on ebay so anyone want it possibly maybe we can work out a deal i know he was an ass on NBC and no one seems to like him just tryin to expand selling options
  11. Rant From a Flames fan

    u know othing about bad calls homstroms had goals takin away when hes been not where near interfering on the play and on last nigths game i think it was fair. Calgary got away with more and wings called for weak things early and it fliped later. I would liek to see these crapy hooks go away for both sides though. anyone see the play when a flame was coming in on a semi breakaway and lidstrom got all stick on the back check and was called for hooking thats is just horrible a good try at a clean defensive play and he gets called for it bad call
  12. Jerseys - Around the League

    wow my jerseys hmm lets see Black wings practice and had it customized with Chelios name and # Zetterberg (red) Hasek (white) Yzerman (white) Federov wings (white) Nash old jackets pre rbk edge (blue) plain wild plain florida plain anehiem (its was free i might have to burn it or soemthin) plain Dallas (older) i got 2 michigan and a BC for college jerseys as well
  13. Why isnt Osgood starting

    my name on redwings world is 3chrisosgod0 but i thought i would change it up here so theres the story on my screen name
  14. Why isnt Osgood starting

    ozzie played very well last night and hasek just hasnt impressed me very much. i think you play who looks like theyll give you the best chance to win and that to me would be ozzie who would you start
  15. Fantast suggestions

    I was doing my pre draft rankings and there were some players i werent sure where to rank. I also wanted to know some good fantasy candidates that arnt ranked to high that could ahve a break out season. Miller- will he still do good or as buffalo lost to many players to continue to win Dipetro- he plays for the islanders need i say more Broudur- hes he still the best right now Landgkow- can he have that goood a year again some other players i wasnt sure about puttign high were the sedins mat sundin paul stastny andrew burnette and some others and some good under dogs that could be good later pickups