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  1. Roster Moves by the Wings

    That's fine...I want to see him do well...we NEED him to do well. It's frustrating when he fades out like that because he's got the talent to be a solid second pairing guy on a Cup winner
  2. Roster Moves by the Wings

    Really? You're this far gone in the man love for Smith? The defense has been bad....Smith was HORRID in the second carolina game. He coughed the puck up repeatedly, did a lousy job of dealing with traffic in front of the net and let at least 1-2 guys in the backdoor for completely open scoring's like he wasn't even aware that someone might be so clever as to go to the net from a spot he can't directly see. As a result...the coach sat his ass for two games. We'll see tonight if he can get his head out of his ass long enough to make a clean simple pass coming out of his own end or will he continue to misfire...will he skate into traffic and cough up the puck leaving his end or will he mke that simple pass before two guys converge on him...will he actually locate and stay with the Flames around the net...or will he drift off to look at something brightly colored like a five year-old with ADHD?
  3. Roster Moves by the Wings

    Sure...those wins were due to Brendan Smith playing...Abby, Hank and Larkin were non factors...
  4. Roster Moves by the Wings

    I think the weight thing is overblown...drastically. It's not like we're running 175lb guys out there on all three lines against a team of Byfuglien sized monsters. So far as Smith and the rest of the D they are not good collectively, but Smith has been particularly bad which may have something to do with him being a healthy scratch the last two games. On a completely different note...Richards has shown very little. If they want to play Datsyuk and Hank together when Datsyuk returns, I can't see Richards centering the 2nd line over Sheahan
  5. Roster Moves by the Wings

    Yes...I don't like him because he makes really bad decisions with the puck and often turns it over in his own end or makes a really bad first pass. The key to making that quick transition isn't lugging the's the quick outlet. It's not much different from soccer or basketball. You clear your end and create opportunities by quickly exiting your zone. Skating it out is usually the slowest way to do that. Smith also has lousy situational awareness...he loses his man frequently. As a result, he always seems to be trailing the play defensively or caught out of position
  6. Roster Moves by the Wings

    Based solely on my own worthless observations...we are sloooooooow coming out of our zone. The opposition has the ability to set up and clog the neutral zone and make it darn near impossible for us to carry the puck into their end. If we were quicker in transition, we might catch them out of position more often and this would lead to some odd man rushes. That and Smith sucks....
  7. I think this might be finally it for the Mule, Sadly

    I understand that the man loves to play hockey...but is it worth risking decades of brain damage? Then again...he might figure that he's already screwed any way, so why not go out on his terms? That would be a really dark place to be
  8. 10/16 GDT : Carolina Hurricanes at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

    Smith is terrible...He looks completely lost out there. Jensen looked much sharper in the preseason...he frequently made that sharp simple pass coming out of the defensive end that Smith seems incapable of completing. Much rather have Jensen or Marchenko on a third pairing with Quincey. 55/52 25/65 27/Marchenko Kindl
  9. 2015-16 Prospect Watch

    Yeah...Saarijarvi is clearly over matched playing in North America.
  10. Free agents this off season

    If this were a class on NHL FA...and I accepted you as being a person with the authority to grade me...I would offer more insight.
  11. Free agents this off season

    I did not say he wanted to come here...I simply stated he wouldn't be a good fit.
  12. Abdelkader entering contract year, possible $4M extension?

    I'll take last year Abby over last year Gus any day of the week...
  13. Free agents this off season

    33 year-old Dman Ilya Nikulin...a fromer Russian national team headed to the NHL as a FA. I don't think he'd be a fit here...
  14. Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

    The penalty boxes are full of coupons for discount at buffets and awesome drink specials at the casinos
  15. Las Vegas rumored to get an expansion team

    I'm not confused about've mapped out a series of arguments based on the notion that there is something especially bad about Las Vegas when it comes to...for lack of a better phrase...moral temptations. I think that's a rather silly concept as temptations literally follow these guys around. I don't think Vegas is a good target for expansion for other reasons. Phoenix had a far better track record of supporting minor hockey and a WHA team and the NHL has failed there. I don't think Vegas would fare any better...I can't even think of a reason why it might. I'm unconvinced that hockey can make it in the desert. I think Seattle or Salt Lake City in the west maybe Cleveland in the Midwest (the Barons failed because the arena they were in was a Godawful haul from the my mind it's a miracle the Cavs survived.) perhaps even Cincinnati...would be better options than Vegas.