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  1. Yzerman Clip

    It was Shanahan, for sure. I've tried to look for it on youtube in the past but I've never found it.
  2. Waterford Crystal 2008 Stanley Cup Puck

    Came in on Monday.
  3. beers!

    Borsodi and Soproni Hungarian beers... though I've never been able to find them in America. I actually went to a brewery in Vienna and had the best beer in my life. Unfortunately the beer was so good that I don't remember the name of the actual brewery, I just know it was like candy.
  4. Waterford Crystal 2008 Stanley Cup Puck

    Just found a great father's day gift that my dad will love and my mom won't mind him displaying!!!
  5. Parade Attendance? 1.4 MILLION?

    I remember 2002's count being something like 1.2 million. 1.4 sounds good to me.
  6. Pavel Datsyuk

    Players have always been saying he's one of the funniest on the team, we're just finally getting to see it.
  7. Something I noticed

    I see it differently. After living in the Bay Area from 2000-2005, I can say that there are a number of very dedicated, smart hockey fans. However, the vast majority of the area/region still questions whether the Sharks play soccer or hockey.
  8. Something I noticed

    Welcome! There are a bunch of SoCal Wings fans here... some transplants (like myself) and some just legit SoCal born fans.
  9. Official Wings Cup Parade Information

    The past few times I've tried to watch something on, it hasn't worked. Does this happen to anyone else too? Is it just because nothing is on TV right now? I really hope it works!
  10. Stevie Y, Still a Class Act

    It's kinda a double edged sword, no? It's cool that he's giving the new team space to celebrate, but I'd still LOVE to see him a part of it all!!
  11. Anyone Else Just Not Want To Go To Bed?

    I doubt I'll be sleeping anytime soon. I'm still looking for ways to magically go to Detroit and be a part of all the celebrations.
  12. SCF Game 5 GDT: Penguins 4, Red Wings 3 (3OT)

    I still really want Zetterberg to be the hero.
  13. SCF Game 5 GDT: Penguins 4, Red Wings 3 (3OT)

    My heart can barely take this.
  14. SCF Game 5 GDT: Penguins 4, Red Wings 3 (3OT)

    Zetterberg for OT hero
  15. SCF Game 5 GDT: Penguins 4, Red Wings 3 (3OT)