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  1. 2017 NHL China Games

    That's like saying that 1/3 of the world's population is either from China or India. Or that the world's most popular beer is some beer from China. The statements are true, but's cricket.
  2. 2017 NHL China Games

    And then that same person promptly prepared your next meal.
  3. 2017 NHL China Games

    China has one billion people, but just like India, they suck at team sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey. (India sucks at any sport, I think).
  4. Worst Contracts by Team

    What's Ville Leino up to these days? Just looked it up, he's playing for a team called the Lakers.
  5. How Much Cap Space Waste Do We Have?

    How can Daley be gone when he hasn't arrived yet? Also, who would trade for Kronwall or Ericcson?
  6. Leafs add more $$$

    Who cares? The building will soon become known as Auston Matthews Arena.
  7. New arena construction updates

    Mother of mercy, is this the end for Kenny? Bucks should come to KC. I sometimes forget Milwaukee even has a team.
  8. About as excited as I get when Roman Reigns or John Cena come out.
  9. A team with suspect goaltending and talentless jobbers on defense has one of the highest cap hits in the league. Does Kenny Holland need to embezzle money from the Ilitch family and set their house on fire before his ass is canned?
  10. Detroit Right Wings

    They weren't doing that when this team was good. Thanks a lot Kenny.
  11. THN's 20/20 Vision

    Yes, but three years is a little far. Predicting the upcoming season based on an educated guess is a different matter.
  12. THN's 20/20 Vision

    I understand the ground rules, but it's silly to project a roster that far into the future, pretending there won't be any trades or FA signings.
  13. New arena construction updates

    I did. Pretty sure that Kronwall's hit on Havlat happened in Chicago.
  14. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Luszczyszyn is one hell of a name to spell. Even around hockey circles that's a bit too much. The roster is a failure on all fronts. Not many "CORE" players as the article puts it, too many overpaid players, 10 players with no-trade clauses. If Kenny was trying to sabotage this organization he couldn't be doing a better job the last few seasons.
  15. NHL 2018 Player Ratings

    Kronwall an 85? Are we in 2009? Comparatively, Zetterberg is an 86, and he was way better last season than Kronwall, who arguably shouldn't be in the league anymore. And what did DeKesyer do to deserve anything above 80? Hard to rank Franzen since we haven't seen him play in 5 years. I would think he's higher than a 79. BTW, I remember 15 years ago, players would still be ranked at 100. In NHL 2000, Jagr, Hasek, Kariya and Selanne were ranked 100. When did they stop doing that in EA games?