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  1. No I didn't, and Commodore should be stalking Babcock for being buried.
  2. Hard to believe that was 10 years ago. Right before I joined this forum.
  3. Coffey had over 1,000 assists from what I remember. I'm thinking of a puck hogging defenseman. Even Orr who was known for his end to end rushes, like Coffey after him, tallied a ton of assists.
  4. Can he fire Holland?
  5. It wasn't an issue back then.
  6. Didn't he win the Cup in Anaheim?
  7. Commodore got treated like Diamond Dallas Page when he went to the WWF.
  8. What exactly is a puck moving defenseman? I mean, is there a defenseman who just refuses to pass the puck to anyone?
  9. His numbers make me think this is 1990.
  10. Those guys fought and were entertaining. Sheahan is a just a big wuss who doesn't do anything physical. Our coaching staff seems to think taking up space counts as doing something physical.
  11. This is the way LGW ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.
  12. I thought Stu Grimson never scored for the Wings. Though he did tally once in the postseason from what I remember.
  13. Hey, at least we won two in a row.
  14. Clearly an anti-Russian move by the Canadian brass.
  15. Doesn't seem like we've had that many fights, though. If we're really 10th, that just shows you how watered down the physicality of the game has become.