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  1. Someone please post that picture of Kenny playing golf.
  2. It's not the NHL Hall of Fame. It's the Hockey Hall of Fame.
  3. Winning the Hart trophy is no excuse for wearing brown shoes with grey pants.
  4. Who's more excited about Las Vegas next season than the Red Wings? I haven't had a chance to watch the entire show as I tuned in late. Which player had the best piece of *** at his side?
  5. Isn't she married to that bearded guy? Or is this the same person? Since when did hot chicks date funny guys?
  6. He's going to play for the Warriors next season to add to his championship rings. Basketball uniforms are much more comfortable.
  7. How do Chinese leftovers go with Laphroaig?
  8. What is Sofia Vergara doing at these awards?
  9. I'd feel bad for those players. You go from beaches, strip clubs, palm trees and fast cars to a Siberian climate full of French people with an inferiority complex. Ouch!
  10. Yeah, I'll give Chicago and Pittsburgh credit for making good free agent acquisitions and drafting players that others didn't want to draft. However, let's face it, these teams wouldn't go anywhere if not for their superstars, who they obtained through deliberate tanking (even though they won't admit it).
  11. How they built the foundation for their 5 Stanley Cups is kind of pathetic. They tanked on purpose to draft Mario Lemieux. Then they tanked on purpose to get Malkin and Crosby. And who is LaBron?
  12. LOL. His talent is way below that of Lemieux or Bobby Orr. Based on your theory of evolution, Gustav Nyquist is more talented than any player in the NHL in the 50's. You have to judge players based on the era they play in, not based on time machine transformation. Actually, in Orr and Lemieux's case, they're more talented than Crosby, even disregarding the era. If those guys were physically transported to today's NHL from their primes, they would dominate. Yeah, they came close to losing on several occasions, which is what makes this disappointing. It's very similar to Chicago's last run in 2015, where I was rooting for them to lose and they eked out so many series. That's what happens when you root for underdogs, though. More often than not, they will lose.
  13. If not for Donald Trump, Malkin would have won it. Clear Russian bias. Also, Crosby hates black people, as evidenced in the last game.
  14. Tayes' Conn Smythe was more deserved than both of Crosby's. Just look at the numbers Tayes put up that playoff season. Look at my post on the last page. We still have something to hold on to.
  15. Nice suit Mario. Too bad the 70's ended like thirty years ago. Undeservedly, though. You can't tell me he should have won it last year. This year was more of a toss up between him and Malkin.