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  1. What a bizzarre game. The Penguins got dominated in every way by Nashville. There has to be some kind of record broken tonight for fewest shots on goal over a span of two periods. Also, probably the record for fewest shots in a Cup Finals win.
  2. The Penguins have 7 shots in this game, and you guys are saying the Preds can't handle the moment. LOL. Bad officiating, bad bounces, and James Neal being a double agent is why they're losing. Otherwise, they've been pretty good at keeping pucks away from Rinne.
  3. I agree with you, but I didn't see anything showing it was offside. BTW, Hornqvist dove on that other penalty they just called. The fix is in. Maybe the Russians are behind this. I may as well turn the channel and watch WWE Raw instead of this. The officiating is better there than in this game.
  4. Conclusively off the ice? You must have seen an angle they didn't show. There wasn't anything conclusive there. I'm calling Al Sharpton right now.
  5. If we go back 35 years, I'd agree with you, but not 25 years.
  6. Bullcrap call. No convincing evidence that the skate was off the ice. That call was obviously motivated by racism.
  7. Lidstrom has to be the answer to this thread. Lidstrom won a few Norris trophies he shouldn't have won also. It evens out.
  8. Everyone picked the Penguins to easily dispatch Ottawa. I don't see them sweeping Nashville. The Penguins are running on fumes.
  9. Would be nice if the Preds sweep them like they did Chicago.
  10. That's true. Ottawa is an underdog and Columbus and Washington had overrated goalies that can't perform in the playoffs. Actually, Washington's entire team, minus a few exceptions, can't perform in the playoffs. Great, then we'll have like four people left here.
  11. Is Conan O'Brien not opening a big show this time around?
  12. Yeah, but losing your top centerman is worse than any other injury. The Pens wouldn't be in the Finals without Crosby. They've had an impressive run for sure, though. I just wish the Finals would start sooner so these bastards couldn't get any rest.
  13. If Nashville is healthy, I take them to win, but I can't see them doing it without their top centerman.
  14. They dominated because Scarface refused to send extra forecheckers. I don't know how Ottawa actually planned on winning the game. You have to go after it, not expect it to come your way by defending and hoping for a mistake. Very safe approach compared to the Pens approach in OT.
  15. That was ***. Number 24 for Ottawa isn't going to feel great after that. Had a chance to make a play at the blue line. Mila Kunitz (that Hudler faced punk) scores the goal.