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  1. This team is way too soft on the puck in this game. That goal came off a faceoff that could have been avoided if that baby Sheahan could have moved the puck out of the zone. Same thing has happened in several similar situations. Wings look like they're playing against the '89 Flames here.
  2. Isn't he one of our leaders in goals?
  3. I figured it out. You must have joined the forum mid season, and didn't make enough posts to qualify for a 2008 Cup winning badge.
  4. I noticed that too. Haven't we won a few division titles and President trophies since I joined in 2007? I want more stinking badges! Oh and I don't want them to share with the Pistons because I'm selfish and like the idea of the Wings having their own arena (like they do now).
  5. Nobody. Just the Wings when they're televised nationally or when I can bother with online streams. I haven't religiously followed hockey since 2004 or so (I guess the lockout did it for me).
  6. Get rid of the f****ing car in the background!
  7. Jesus. Can you imagine how slow that line would be?
  8. I've never seen that Shanahan hat before.
  9. I must have had better seats than the FSD guys. Along with Larkin, he was one of the weaker forwards yesterday.
  10. He plays like he's allergic to body checks. He's obviously not scoring, so he needs to be effective in some fashion. It's early in the season, but he's one of the players that needs to pick it up.
  11. Went to my first game last night. Best game of the season by the defense. San Jose looked tired and never really established themselves. The Wings defense was great at moving the puck and the forwards provided solid puck support. I was worried we'd get pinned in our zone a lot but it didn't happen. Helm played a great game. Won a lot of physical battles So did Sproul. This guy should stay in the lineup for a long time. He's confident and has good IQ out there. Sheahan looks even softer in person than he does on TV. Still not sure what this guy brings to the lineup. He's big, but doesn't do much of anything. If Abdelkader misses games, this guy needs to step up. Figures the game I go to is the one where we don't fight.
  12. I figured it out. Holland has instructed this team to fight more, in order to keep some heat away from him. Fans have been at his throat all offseason.
  13. Tomorrow night will be fun. My first ever game at the JLA. Really good San Jose team in town. Our defense better move the puck quicker and more efficiently against that team's forechecking.
  14. Worst powerplay goal in NHL history.
  15. This team can't win a big faceoff to save its life. We need to sign Yanic Perreault.