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  1. It's hard to envision Ottawa winning game 7, but you never know. If they can strike early or get some other-worldly performance from Anderson, they have a shot. Other than Karlsson, this is a team basically devoid of top level talent.
  2. I wish their fans would stop chanting stupid things like they did 10 years ago. They should have grown out of the stereotype of the unknowledgeable, hick fanbase by now.
  3. Pretty obvious isn't it? The league doesn't want to screw the Pens like they did Detroit in 2009. If Pittsburgh wins tonight, the Finals should start Thursday, with Friday being game 2. Then those bastards will know what it feels like. Except, Jonathan Tayes has already surpassed them both as the greatest captain ever, with only Beliveau to catch.
  4. Would you rather see Crosby win a 3rd Cup or Kesler win a 1st?
  5. Bieksa being a b***h as usual. This guy must have come out of his mother's anus, instead of the other hole.
  6. Except, they haven't faced any teams as good as the 2009 Ducks and the 2009 Penguins. The only tough opponent on paper was Washington, and Washington are essentially paper champions. Besides, we'll see how the NHL schedules games 1 and 2 of the Finals.
  7. So in other words, two of the players have losing Cup experience and the other was a passenger on the Hawks dynasty. You make it sound like the Ducks have won multiple Cups with this group. The experience you reference is negligible. Besides, experience means nothing if the other team is playing better than you.
  8. What Cup experience do the Ducks have? They don't have the same players they had in 2007, other than Perry and Getzlaf.
  9. Yeah, Pittsburgh is the real winner here, as now both Anaheim and Nashville have some major injuries. That evens things out for a battered Pens team.
  10. This is way more bold than Babcock benching Hasek in 2008. Benching a goalie at this stage in the playoffs is nuts.
  11. Not sure how they can generate offense without him. They're already too reliant on their top line and he's their top center. How do you overcome the top center being injured to win the Cup?
  12. Yikes, what's happened to Rinne since game 1? That was a terrible goal to give up. Jeff Blashill can't hear what you're saying. He's got his AHL and USHL Cup rings plugged into his ears.
  13. He definitely didn't get that from his uncle.
  14. LOL. What do Canadians know about pizza?
  15. This man is a professional athlete