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  1. What's Cory Cross up to these days?
  2. I'll be honest, I thought he'd be dying for a chance to be paired with Danny DeKeyser.
  3. LA has allowed the 5th fewest goals in the league this season. They are 25th in goals scored. Seems like goaltending isn't the issue. Strange move.
  4. Just like Cujo owned the Ducks' ass in 2003. Just look at the numbers.
  5. He seems to own our ass in the playoffs.
  6. At least Datsyuk's playoff appearance streak will continue.
  7. I would take Bishop in Detroit over any of our goalies. I'm also not sure why the Kings would want him?
  8. Why would anyone give up anything valuable for Sheahan after this season? This guy is putting up offensive numbers enforcers think are pathetic.
  9. Did he win the Hart trophy or something?
  10. Good trade. We got a 3rd round pick for a useless player. Let's hope that 3rd pick turns into something useful.
  11. Softcore porn?
  12. Leadership is hard to measure, as are "other intangibles" (whatever they mean). The points is a big deal. Yzerman was one of the biggest point producers in his prime. Of course Gretzky and Lemieux blew everyone else away. Yzerman also didn't have much talent around him then. Tayes in his prime is not a top point producer or even one of the top point producers. This is despite the fact that he's played on the most talented team in hockey for many years.
  13. I wouldn't' make that trade for a guy whose career high point total in a season is 76.
  14. Much like Yzerman, though, he will finish with no Hart trophies.
  15. Slim fit is the new style. Should translate into goaltending equipment as well.