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  1. Stay on topic guys, or I'll trade all of you to another forum for better posters. I'm thinking the Wild boards, maybe?
  2. Agree with most posters here. I feel we should have gotten more for Vanek. Holland just doesn't make good trades with Florida teams. I like fighting and toughness as much as anyone else, but Mcilrath has not been able to stay up in the NHL, and the Wings aren't exactly known as a team that likes big tough guys. I doubt we're changing our philosophy as a franchise on that point. Give Holland a right-handed defenseman, and he'll act like Pavlov's dog for you. Worst trade since Obama traded five terrorists for Bo Bergdahl. Then you stalk 'em on Facebook...............................wait, what are we talking about here?
  3. Peer pressure. Like seeing two of your buddies in a bar hook up with average looking women at closing time, and then scrambling to find anybody to go home with yourself. The Rangers go home with Smith. Hmmm..............I wonder what we could get for Danny Dekeyser? He's big and young. Someone would certainly pay a lot for him right now.
  4. Holland did a good job on this one. The Rangers overpaid big time. They must have their own forum where fans were begging for "any" move to get done.
  5. If only this can be like the draft where they got Lidstrom, Fedorov and Konstantinov.
  6. Maybe they think they traded for Reilly Smith.
  7. What could we get for Franzen?
  8. I want to see a record broken for most players traded by one team in a deadline (won't happen because of the NTC's of course).
  9. Good riddance. Guy never amounted to what the franchise hoped when they drafted him in the first round. Not enough scoring and too many bonehead plays throughout his career.
  10. What's Cory Cross up to these days?
  11. I'll be honest, I thought he'd be dying for a chance to be paired with Danny DeKeyser.
  12. LA has allowed the 5th fewest goals in the league this season. They are 25th in goals scored. Seems like goaltending isn't the issue. Strange move.
  13. Just like Cujo owned the Ducks' ass in 2003. Just look at the numbers.
  14. He seems to own our ass in the playoffs.
  15. At least Datsyuk's playoff appearance streak will continue.