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  1. Oh great. There will be like 3 posters here by that time.
  2. Maybe he just overachieved the first half of last season.
  3. I don't like to talk about it anymore.
  4. The fans at the JLA don't even give two s***s to boo.
  5. How many games in a row do they need to lose before some personnel changes happen? Needs to start with Holland, but the owners will never fire him, especially now after Mike Ilitch's death.
  6. Zetterberg is a graduate of the Mikael Samuelsson School of Sharpshooting.
  7. Here is hoping for a three page GDT. This team can't even get people excited to hate on them anymore. Women.
  8. As far as 2008, this is the order of importance. 1. Lidstrom 2. Zetterberg 3. Downey 4. Lilja 5. Anderson 6. Osgood 7. Holland
  9. What a turncoat Julien turned out to be. You can't trust a Frenchie in Boston.
  10. Sad. Even the refs miss seeing fights in the NHL.
  11. Well, two of them were PP goals and he was on the ice for one the Wings scored. So technically, I wasn't exaggerating.
  12. He's been on the ice for just about every Wild goal.
  13. What do you expect? He attended the Patrick Lalime School of Goaltending.
  14. How are they punishing him? They're allowing an AHL player to actually get minutes as an NHL netminder.
  15. It's hard to win a game when your goalies spot the other team 5. Been a problem all season.