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  1. I figured it out. Holland has instructed this team to fight more, in order to keep some heat away from him. Fans have been at his throat all offseason.
  2. Tomorrow night will be fun. My first ever game at the JLA. Really good San Jose team in town. Our defense better move the puck quicker and more efficiently against that team's forechecking.
  3. Worst powerplay goal in NHL history.
  4. This team can't win a big faceoff to save its life. We need to sign Yanic Perreault.
  5. This PK needs a lot of work. Carrie Underwood's husband scores.
  6. Come on Abby. There's no room for racism in today's day and age. We might play the Preds in the Finals this year, so I'm not gonna say this is their last trip to the JLA.
  7. A 40 year old man with a beard who looks like he's hot dogging it.
  8. Glad those two players heard me. Now if we can only get Zetterberg to score.
  9. I'll have to catch the replay. Hard to believe Larkin ever fought anyone.
  10. I missed it. Who fought?
  11. Figures Drew Miller would be the guy scoring for us while everyone else is shooting the glass.
  12. Are Tatar and Nyquist going to score goals this year?
  13. I'm getting really sick of Dekeyser. And Mrazek giving up untimely goals.
  14. I'll be going to tomorrow's game and seeing all those empty seats in good places is giving me ideas.
  15. If you're going to play AA on the 4th line, you may as well put Ott in his place. AA is not a 4th line player.