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  1. Cleary Re-Signed: 5-Years, $14 M

    Yeah!! A Cleary jersey is definitely in order. Man, what a story - I love this s---stuff!! Congrats Danny!
  2. Top 5 Favourite Players of All Time?

    #1 Steve Yzerman #2 Gordie Howe #3 Bobby Orr #4 Mario Lemieux #5 Sergei Fedorov I've only seen Howe and Orr on the way overpriced tapes/DVDs I've managed to get over the years, and damn did I miss out on some good hockey!
  3. Forsberg nursing groin injury.

    Instead of messing around with horses, Forsberg and Havlat should open up a hospital together. It would be a great investment for the both of them.
  4. Darren McCarty Progress Thread

    I will be envious of those that are at the Joe when he makes his return. The guy has always been one of my favorites. I hope he has a Kocur-like return and gets one more chance to raise the Cup.
  5. McCarty's Return

    I think all of this debating between Drake and Downey is quite hilarious. I like Downey - heck, I like Drake too. The only guy I really don't like is Sammy (with Lilja and sometimes Hudler following quite closely). But, to get back to McCarty, which one will sit? Come on - Drake is not going to sit at this point. The reason Downey doesn't play on the PK is because he really can't skate. Energy, heart, etc. are great - they really are! But, when there are only four men against five, each of the four needs to be able to skate. I've seen Downey all year on TV and at the Joe - I love the guy to death but he is really one of the weakest skaters on the ice. When McCarty (if at this point with the rib injury) comes to the lineup, Downey will sit to give McCarty a try. Until McCarty's current skill level is assessed it just makes sense to sit Downey. I love the Wings and have since the late eighties when I was playing youth hockey but come on guys - let's be rational about some things here!
  6. Yeah great addition - I think he'll bring it in the playoffs - everyone will need to adjust their grit factor anyway.
  7. 5 players you hate the most

    1. Pronger 2. Iginla 3. Tootoo 4. Lang (yes, I still hate him that much) 5. Emery

    I think they and almost all of the other new jerseys are really horrible. There better be a noticeable change in play to put up with such a festival of crap!! And who cares if the jerseys retain less sweat - have they changed all of the pads? Those retain more sweat than anything!! Sheesh - I just turned thirty and feel like I'm completely disconnected - or else everyone really is taking crazy pills!!
  9. New Florida Panthers Jerseys revealed.

    I really don't care - I mean really since the NHL exploded to its current size, the new teams jerseys have always looked "minor league." All the cool color combinations were already taken by the time these teams were created. I've always hated the Panthers uniform and this is just a variation on an already hated pattern. As for the Sharks, I've always thought their color combo and jerseys look like something that came from "Saved by the Bell" or some other crappy show. Oh well, I must be getting old.
  10. MARKOV signs with the Islanders

    Seems like the Russian players really just go for the money and consider themselves way more important than they sometimes are. I loved the Russian Five Era of Wings hockey, but lately I'd just as soon only have two Russians on the team now (Datsyuk and Grigorenko). I was secretly hoping that Markov would stick around, but he just never seemed like a permanent fixture on the team.
  11. Brad Norton

    I remember Norton - I saw him fight in the preseason game against the Lightning. I also remember his hokey interview with FSN Detroit about how sometimes a fight is needed to stir up the team. Whatever...San Jose would have been better signing ED Norton instead - at least he might act like he belongs in the NHL.
  12. Zetterberg, Datsyuk on separate lines?

    I like the way Thunderpriest's line set-up, except for putting Cheli with Lilja. It seems to me they would be MORE of a liability together than seperate. Cheli needs to play with someone that has some speed, and Lilja - well, I hope he's been practicing over the summer. Otherwise, I'd prefer to see Quincey play and Lilja sit. By the way, this is my first post - I like the site, and I'm definitely NOT going to pay another year to stay on It has a lukewarm forum and no other real bonuses. Thanks for having a site like this!