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  1. I think the title speaks for itself. Do they even keep records on this stuff? Even though the season is young, does anyone else think lids will be bringing home a two or more trophies this year? (Norris and Lady Byng and hopefully a Cup and an MVP or two) Looking at his stats, I see that his +/- is way down. Usually he is (or nearly) leading the entire league. I don't get to see many games for various reasons ,but what is going on? Is it in correlation with the above no PIM? By that I mean he isn't battling other players as tightly as he has in years past. Is it a matter of too many assignments on the ice, maybe he is playing the 1st and 3rd parings as well as PP and SH? I dunno, I know a lot of people blow the +/- statistic out of proportion and I don't mean to be one of those people. It is just out of the ordinary. edit: i originally confused the Hart trophy with the Lady Byng
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    Toronto might get a second NHL team.

    I came out of my lurking stasis just to leave this here: New York vs Ontario/Northern NY New York: Ontario Area: Now answer this question. If NYC can handle 3 teams in a 30 mile radius shouldn't the Ontario/Northern NY area be able to handle 3 teams in a 50 mile radius? I will concede the fact that the population of the NYC Metro Area is a over half of Canada's entire population. IMO, a team would be sustainable in either Hamilton or in Toronto. A Hamilton team would hurt Buffalo most and a second team in Toronto would be a red headed step child... a step child that just so happens to be more popular than the Preds, Panthers, and Thrash combined.