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  1. oldredbarnman

  2. Round 1 Game #3 Presale Code

    Anyone interested, presale for Game #3 is today, April 15th, 10am-10pm. The code I received is TATAR. Email says it's a one time only, so I don't know if it means first person to use it, or one time per log in. 8 ticket limit.
  3. Prayers to this young man and his family. www.tsn.com/nhl/story/?id=445383
  4. 3/6 GDT: Avs 3 at Red Wings 2 (OT) Sorry Nick.

    Has anyone seen the Season Ticket Holder "stub" for this game, and does it look like the Yzerman one that was very big, that almost looked like the banner? I was hoping it would have been like the Yzerman ticket, but it's the same size as all of the other tickets. At least the one I have, which I got from a season ticket holder.
  5. Injury Updates

    If that's the case just have Homer be a stand in. I'm sure he'd have the crowd rolling with his Swenglish.
  6. Winter Classic Parking

    Most rabid fans I know spell it Fedorov. Sorry, couldn't help myself . Other than losing the golf courses, which are alot of spaces, I'm sure that the residents will be parking on their lawns, just like football Saturdays. Just have to get their early, and probably pay the same or a bit more than for football. $10(with a walk) up to $50(across from the stadium) for football.
  7. Which (retired) *non* DetroitRedWings player would like to meet?

    Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky.
  8. What former Red Wing would u want to meet?

    Agreed. I've met Mick a couple of times, one at a card signing in Livonia, and up in the broadcast booth at Boston Garden back in '94. Great guy. A buddy of mine is friends with Paul Woods, and he and a few of my other close friends went to the Old Shillelagh after a Wings game in the early 90s with Mick and Paul and closed the place, drinking and singing Irish songs. I sure wish I had been there! I've been fortunate to meet many former Wings, mainly at autograph signings, but the last couple of seasons at Olympia, I would go up to the broadcast area in between periods, and wait to get Sid and Bruce to come out and get their autographs. Always real nice. Meeting Steve would be great, but really any player would be a pleasure. I'd love to meet Reed Larson, just to talk about the last years of Olympia, the 77-78 team that got the city back into hockey, or his experience playing in the 1980 All-Star game at the Joe.
  9. Players We've Traded Away

    Even though it wasn't a trade, losing Randy McKay to New Jersey for compensation over the Troy "Bad Back" Crowder signing. Tough, hardnosed kid who was part of the "Crash Line", and helped the Devils beat the Wings in '95.
  10. Players We've Traded Away

  11. Players We've Traded Away

    He had 36 goals his first season, and came in 2nd for rookie of the year behind Brian Propp.
  12. Players We've Traded Away

    Larry Murphy. Not to go off topic, but I did find this and thought some might find it humourous/ironic. After the 77/78 season, Ted Lindsay(then the GM) signed free agent goalie Rogie Vachon. The Kings asked for compensation and the league awarded them Dale McCourt. McCourt refused to go, and took the league to court. When it was settled, the Wings traded Andre St. Laurent, and their 1st picks in the 1980(4th overall) and '81( 2nd overall) drafts for McCourt. The Kings picked Larry Murphy with their 1st selection in 1980, courtesy of the Wings.
  13. Players We've Traded Away

    Three that I came up with are Paul Henderson(just a few years before my watching Wings hockey), Garry Unger (averaged 30+ goals for the Blues in an 8 season span), and John Ogrodnick (averaged 25 goals a year for the Rangers over 5 seasons. We traded him to Quebec in Jan.'87, and they traded him to N.Y. before the start of the '87/'88 season.
  14. The crowd was boisterous, but not at a sustained level. There were lulls, and most of the loudest cheers were for the penalty killing and Jimmy. A good crowd for sure, just not the loudest I've experienced. It did erupt when Cleary got the empty netter, as much a cheer for the "Coup de Grace", as it was a release in emotion knowing the game was salted away.
  15. Just got home from the game. Another fantastic performance by Howard. The Wings, for the most part, shutdown the Hawk attack. When there were breakdowns, Jimmy was solid. I've been watching hockey for 45 years, and I think that is the first time I have ever seen a natural hattrick......in penalties! Pretty hilarious watching Toews go to the box, get out, and go right back in. Can't wait for Saturday! GOOOOO WIIINNNGGGGSSSS!!!