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  1. Wings&Beer

  2. NHL examining other long term contracts

    I agree some of these contracts are absurd but once a player actually hits the ice for anything under the contract it should remain in effect. A little late for the NHL to go back now and quite frankly I don't see how this can go anywhere anyway. The players union is not going to allow the NHL to go back and nullify contracts years later, and rightfully so. Its like filing a grievance a couple years after the incident, too late. There must be some time limit in the CBA for either party to challenge?
  3. Bertuzzi Signs 2 Year Deal
  4. Official: Selanne signs with Ducks

    This just pisses me off...I know its within the rules but come the f on
  5. Leafs fire GM Jay Ferguson Jr.

    My thoughts exactly. Maybe we can get a pre-emptive denial. Either that, or do what they do in college football....a $4 million dollar penalty for leaving the organization while under contract.
  6. Zetterberg's Back Has Flared Up Again

    and I thought it was all bad news, thanks for brightening up the thread
  7. Melrose Western Grades

    I think his grades were horrible.....Phoenix got an A?
  8. Sidney Crosby injures ankle

    I too am glad that Crosby will not be playing for awhile, but being happy that someone is injured is just.....I dont know Ducks like ie unclassy UNLESS it is someone like Claude Lemieux
  9. 2007 Green Bay Packers Thread

    I guess the GGGGGGGmen deserved it more than the Pack, quite surprised
  10. Things I have learned from watching the NHL Network

    I dont think the network is going to last...simply because i like it
  11. Matthias makes NHL debut tonight...

    Oh well, as they say s*** happens. Im just glad we still have a lot of great prospects.
  12. Downie in the spotlight again......

    This is just a case of him being one of the "usual suspects"
  13. Congrats to Henrik Zetterberg

    Cheers to Z :beerbuddy:
  14. 11/7 GDT: Red Wings 3, Predators 2 (SO)

    -----Thou shall not make a prediction without giving Zetterberg a point