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  1. I don't see Babcock making a career decision based on a 2 game losing streak but I could be wrong.
  2. Couldn't stand him when he was with Nashville, felt bad for him for the raw deal he got while here with the Wings, feel good for him seeming to have found a home in New Jersey. 9 goals but only 5 assists in 57 games for them this year....not too shabby production for a guy who brings other intangibles to the game as he does. Not the prettiest goal I've ever seen but still a feel good story watching it....
  3. Seems like I've been hearing this for years about how teams like Chicago and Pittsburgh are going to be in cap trouble and yet every year, they seem to be able to ice a better team than us.
  4. This guy has turned into a joke.
  5. I think you have lofty expectations. Legwand has reached 60+ points in a season only once, and that was 8 seasons ago. At age 33/34, do you expect him to suddenly get so much better? And Franzen has never reached 60 points in a season in his entire career.
  6. gdt

    Where do you get your stats from? Cleary averages almost half the time as Dats and Z. (20-21 minutes for Dats and Z as opposed to 13 for Cleary)
  7. gdt

    Fun game so far but someone failed by that not being Karen Newman singing the National Anthem....or at the very least, some performer from Michigan. The Zac Brown Band? Really?
  8. With some guys in the league, you get the feeling that they're driven to just hurt people out there (Cooke for example), while others are driven to win....and if that means being mean and nasty to anyone in their way to winning, then so be it (Chelios and Pronger come to mind). Love them or hate them while their playing for/against your team....but in the end, I gotta stand in appreciation of the warriors that they were and the drive that they put into winning. As much as I hated Pronger when he played, I have a ton more respect for him and his drive to win then I will ever have for the likes of a Franzen or that type of player.
  9. Why? The guy is 3rd on the team in points.....only 2 points behind both Pavel and Hank. You don't think this guy is going to start firing on all cylinders if Babcock ever settles on a somewhat stable line up so these guys can gather some continuity with their linemates? Given his past playoff performances against the supposed 'Big Bad East', I like the signing.
  10. Do we really want a guy with a history of back issues going all out physically in a meaningless, tune-up, preseason game?
  11. Awesome video.....looked very professionally done.
  12. Wings played right into how Chicago wanted them to. We are the team that looks frustrated. Won't be surprised one bit if we lose 3 in a row.
  13. Since the choice.....22 more games, 14 more goals, 39 more assists and 53 more points.....all in favor of Hossa.