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  1. Skiing - Puck

    Skiing - Puck

  2. Skiing - Puck

    2008 College Football Thread

    I like MSU's chances against South Carolina best of any of the possible match ups. Besides it would be interesting to see Dantonio coach against the team that he played for. Dantonio played defensive back for three years (76-78) at South Carolina.
  3. Skiing - Puck

    Helm up, McCarty tp GR (+ line combos vs Habs)

    ESAD posts at as well. You would have to kidding yourself not to say that you didn't see this comming. McCarty has only won one fight this season, and it was against a joke of a fighter in Stortini. I guess I will not be suprised to see McCarty spend the rest of the regular season in GR.
  4. Skiing - Puck

    Red Wings place forward Darren McCarty on waivers

    I know I am considered one of those annoying "grit slapies" but I really just don't veiw this as a big deal. Everyone knew that this was coming. McCarty will remain on the team for at least for a bit longer untill some of the players with injuries heal, after that who knows. Even though I love fights, I still tune into every Wings game, as I am a Red Wings fan first, fight fan second. I don't need a fight in every game to make me happy, but it is nice when one occurs. On a side note, McCarty looked good last night. However, it should be pointed out that Stortini is one of if not the worst fighters in the NHL. The only person I can recall him beating was Lapointe.
  5. Skiing - Puck

    College Hockey Thread

    I was suprised to see Comley start Palmisano, who is a freshman, in that enviroment. Nice to get the win and be done with Western for the year. I was unable to make it up for the game this year due to going to the football game at State and then having to put together a lesson plan for a class I had to teach on Sunday Morning.
  6. Skiing - Puck

    McCarty vs May fight

    name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>&"> name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350" /> Looks like a draw to me, nothing landed.
  7. Skiing - Puck

    2008 College Football Thread

    Honestly, I am not a fan of the billboards. MSU should not be shooting there mouths off until we win 5-6 more games in a row, untill then keep some of the other Spartans need to their mouths shut. By the way I was at the LA Tech game, and to make that day worse I was withmy father who is a LA Tech grad.
  8. Skiing - Puck

    2008 College Football Thread

    Can we say same old spartans. I thought in order to loose this game they would have to completly sh1t the bed, and they go out and do just that. Hoyer is NOT even a mediocre QB, he just sucks. The play calling has been atrotious.
  9. Skiing - Puck

    2008 College Football Thread

    To be honest, as a Spartan, this weekend kinda scares me. I can easily see MSU getting swept in hockey and loosing to UM in football. Michigan always playes their best against State while State shoots themseves in their foot. I also can't imagine that it is very easy to concentrate on a game when 8 members of your team are under invesigation by the police and at least one and maybe more are probably looking at felony charges. Sounds like we may hear who has been charged as soon as Friday.
  10. Skiing - Puck

    Parros with 2 goals so far this year!

    I would recomend that you get it over with now then. I don't think Downey will be called up this season, the Wings just don't feel that they have any room for a player of his type on the team.
  11. Skiing - Puck

    Holland's stance on Enforcers: Once and For All

    Your right, no Red Wings player has ever been taken out via a cheap shot or unneccisary hit. Seems to mee that that player in your sig and avatar was a recipient of one or two of those cheap shots in the 06-07 season. This happend about two weeks after another wing being hauled off the ice. I am not saying that things like that happen often, but they do happen. It is clear that the pro-enforcer crowd and the anti-enforcer crowd will ever agree on this issue. Both sides keep recycling the same old arguments (Downey did soooo much in the post season last year, Enforcers improve team moral and act as a deterent) it is starting to get kind of annoying, and I admit that I am part of the problem. It is kind of stupid to keep arguing this when it is clear that no ones mind will ever get changed.
  12. Skiing - Puck

    College Hockey Thread

    I have heard rumblings around campus that two Coach Comley has suspended two players as a direct result of Sunday mornings antics. I have yet to hear who these two players are. I guess with all this cr@p going on, I would not be at all suprised to see MSU get swept this weekend by NMU.
  13. Skiing - Puck

    College Hockey Thread

    MSU is down at least one defenceman scince A.J. Sturges is in the hospital in fair condition as a result of a fight with some of the MSU football players. Also as many as four of his team mates may have been involed in the fight that occured at their house on Sunday morning. Do not be supprised to see some players get kicked off the team after all the dust has settled.
  14. Skiing - Puck

    Holland's stance on Enforcers: Once and For All

    In short, when one of our players is getting wheeled off the ice on a stretcher he can be assured that his team mates will do their damdest to maybe score a goal and not seek any form of retribution. I also find it hard for your power play to be an enforcer when your players are in thelocker room or hospital injured. That would be one hell of a shot to do that.
  15. Skiing - Puck

    Darren McCarty cleared waivers

    D.J. King is on IR with a shoulder injury, however, the Blues picked up David "The Fountin" Koci off of waivers. If he playes against Detroit do not be suprised if he runs and causes an injury to one of our players. Also, if this happens I guarentee that not one Red Wing will step in and defend their team mate.