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  1. playoff injuries

    story of the 1-game-away failure to clinch. add this to the fact that we had that ridiculous SCF schedule because NBC wanted to air some games, but only if they were on the weekend and Buttman obliged. didn't Z have some ailments too? i thought i was over the loss, now i'm bitter again...
  2. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    01-02, my dad and i had season tickets, we went to all of the playoffs games together... on the night the wings hoisted the cup, my dad was at the game and i was in the hospital having surgery done. this friday, my dad and i are going to the game.
  3. Very funny interview

    i can't find it. link?
  4. The Future Grind-Line

    This may be obvious, but it just hit me. I was reading this freep article: And then I realized... Abdelkader - Helm - Downey will be the new Maltby - Draper - McCarty think of the fun that'll be! But, is it possible Downey will ever make it in the lineup full time? Also, that freep article says Maltby and Drapes still think they have more left in the tank. Maybe they do, but what about your young guys!? How long are Malts and Drapes thinking of staying??
  5. So blackhawks advance

    the wings style of play is the kryptonite for that youthful energetic and tenacious style of the hawks. our puck control will take them out of their game. outhitting them cleanly will frustrate them. and silencing the united center will be oh so delicious.
  6. 2250 POST FOR A GAME 6 WIN

    put'm away wings!
  7. All Game 5 TV Coverage Threads

    what the **** center ice! god, i hate the nhl network!!!!
  8. 2nd round date speculation

    Anyone know why that is?
  9. 2nd round date speculation

    i'm sorry to wish against everyone who wants to get this second round rolling (normally i would be on your side) but i have round 2 game 2 tickets and the only way i'll be able to go to the game is if it's on sunday.
  10. Detroit Red Wings Music Video 2007-2008 LGW

    BADASS vid Vladi! Much appreciated!
  11. Nick and Ozzie on Carson Daly Now

    Well I didn't post it, but someone did. Here it is. And yeah, Carson, says LiNdstrom. But the N's for Norris! (as someone else on these boards has pointed out)
  12. Franzen had subdural hematoma

    And to think a couple Dallas goons were throwin punches at his head... No wonder Franzen showed a bit of his nasty side this post-season, swingin' back. MULE! MULE! MULE! Top contender for my next jersey. Stay long term, Johan. May the hot streak never die!
  13. My Red Wings Stanley Cup Tribute Video

    It's great man! Thanks so much!

    Well I for one found that very touching. I hope your grandma and you find peace. And I hope you realize your dream of drinking from the cup! PTL for these Red Wings and a sport that generates truly inspirational warriors. GO WINGS!!!
  15. Sort of New Wings fan

    1) Depends how you define big. But Valterri Filpula has tons of potential. Franzen is proving he's on more than just a hot streak. Hudler's got some moves. Helm's got a hell of a lot of intensity and hussel. And Jimmy Howard is one of our up-and-coming goalies who for a while (not so much anymore) was regarded as the second coming of christ (in goalie form). 2) I think ozzie will be signing 1 or 2 years at a time on a yearly/bi-yearly basis now. So, that one's kindof a "we'll see." 3) Being that the wings are consistently one of the best teams (made the playoffs 17 years in a row now or something like that) the staff tried their darndest to make good use of their end-of-the-line draft picks. So we looked in hidden places, like Sweden, and we have an expert scout over there in that country. Also, the swedish style of hockey is very consistent with the Wings puck-possesion style. So, it all works out! 4) Tossed into the Detroit river to keep the population of... (i cant remember what) down. Or something like that. I'm don't believe Detroit has an aquarium... so sad.