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  1. Dear.......

    Dear Cindy
  2. Dear.......

    Dear Mr Kronwall, When you play the Pens for the Cup, will you please hit Cindy Crosby as often as you can. I want to see him cry like a baby!! Sincerely, A Preds fan who will be rooting for the Wings
  3. Franzen takes Kane's mouthguard

    Not anymore retarded than anyone else!!!
  4. Goalie Fights

    This is my favorite
  5. 3/29 GDT: Predators 4 at Red Wings 3

    'They will if they play the Preds. Hate to say that about my own team, but that has been our record - One and done. I always love the Wings-Preds games. They always (almost) go right down to the last second. We'll meet again next week I think.
  6. 3/29 GDT: Predators 4 at Red Wings 3

    Who's Mason? Sorry about that no goal - I wouldn't have even reviewed that one! I thought it was a goal! I love the Detroit-Nashville games. Never a dull moment!
  7. Did no one else watch the game last night?

    I think it was on this thread that someone mentioned wanting the pregame video about the rivalry. This is one that someone got on their video camera - it's not the best but it is the video. If you want the real thing, check out the Preds TV link on our boards. The Preds front office said they are trying to get the rights to post it there. So check there in 3-5 days for the real thing. Hopefully this will hold you over.
  8. NHL should do something about this.

    The trick to scalpers (at least here in Nashville) is to wait until the opening puck drops. By that time the scalpers willing to take just about anything so they don't lose all their money. A friend of mine got a $70.00 ticket in the lower bowl for $10.00.
  9. Did no one else watch the game last night?

    Where does everybody get the idea that Detroit was an original six team? The NHL was formed in 1917 and Detroit didn't come into existance until 1926 when they bought the Victoria Cougars (?). Then it was still 10 years before Detroit won a Stanley Cup. As for the move to Hamilton Ontario - Jim Ballsillie shot himself in the foot with that one. He set up a website for the "Hamilton" Predators and starting taking downpayments for season tickets before he had ever presented an offer to the NHL. And the goofy people up there actually gave him money!! And as someone said before, most of the season tickets belong to individuals, not corporations.
  10. Did no one else watch the game last night?

    I had some nice Wing fans sitting around me too. At least for the first period and a half. They all left at about the 12 min. mark in the 2nd. I thought true fans stayed to the bitter end of the games. I know I stay for the Preds routings! Believe me we have had a few! As for the Suck chants you are preaching to the choir. I think they are over done too. We (meaning me and several around me) quit doing it when the toddler behind us started to repeat us. It came out "Ew Tuck" but we knew what he was trying to say. The jobs comment was not called for, we have about 50,000 unemployed here in Davidson County - including me! We have our problems too. Did any of you sit in section 323 row B or C?
  11. Did no one else watch the game last night?

    What sound do we make? I've been a season ticket holder for 10 years and the only thing I know of after a goal is singing "I Like It I love it". Also explain to me why Nashville shouldn't have a team? We already have pro football, semi-pro basketball, about 15-16 high school teams, adult hockey leagues at 2 rinks that have a waiting list for teams wanting to play, youth hockey leagues with 5-6,000 kids not to mention 3 roller hockey rinks with thousand of kids playing. And you think this is not a hockey towm?
  12. Ovechkin CHEAP SHOT

    Hey Ovie - That's no way to treat a former Pred!!! Knock it off! Heward also too a skate to the face from Modano
  13. Tootoo does it agian

    You don't call Iginla, Laperrier, Barch, O'brien or Staubitz big?
  14. R.I.P. The Knitting Lady

    I'm sorry you have lost one of your great fans. We have lost a couple here too. Ms. Eudora was great. I'm not really sure she knew what was going on - she was pretty expressionless which made her even funnier. They would put the camera on her and she would have a sign that read "Ryan Suter is a hottie" or "you wanna piece of me??" Her son had made up a bunch of them. I believe she was about 86 when she passed too. The second death was Swamprat. He always wore a hard hat with a revolving red light on the top. Every time the Preds scored that light would be flashing. He also had one of the best Trollguns for the posters from other team who came to the discussion boards to cause trouble. We miss them both.
  15. Tootoo does it agian

    You didn't miss anything. The one thing no one has mentioned is how chicken#### #12 grabs Tootoo by the jersey while he is down and pulls him inbetween himself and the other players like a line he's drawn a line in the sand. So what is up with Chelios? I was disappointed that he didn't play here in Nashville last week. I know everyone here chants "Chelios is a sissy" but I am not one of them. I think he is a great player and a great person. I've always enjoyed watching him play. Our most hated player here now is Joe Thornton. Next time the Wings play the Sharks will you have someone take care of him please?