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  1. Howard punching crybaby shirt

    Love it!
  2. Detroit isn't that great at Drafting

    Exactly what I was thinking. And there are a lot of people who Detroit has drafted who would have played for other teams for 200+ games before they were given up on. Detroit's roster has been so solid that we've not had to test these guys out and were able to let them develop. I don't agree. I think that development and scouting are equally as good. I think that the fact that we are able to draft quality players later is a testament to our scouting. I think that says we are looking where others aren't. If nobody knows about this great Zetterberg guy why draft him early. If you are confident he will be around later then use your early picks to take chances on guys who might have been noticed by other teams. Our "luck" at drafting late can alternatively be explained as other teams poor scouting ability. If you are looking where others aren't or are seeing talent where others aren't, then you don't have to draft early.I think they very well may have been able to say, "Hey, this Zetterberg guy is the next great player and the best part is, NOBODY knows about him so we don't have to use/waste an early pick on him."
  3. Holland dissappointed with the revised schedule

    "Next Up, Ken Holland fined $10,000 for disagreeing with league decision makers. " I can't believe it happen like this either. But all we can do now is hope we win game 1 and 2 anyway. When we do that, the team will have even more bragging rights. I'd absolutely love it if we won the first two home games and then at least won one of the first two away games. Wouldn't that put bettman's panties in a wad.
  4. WCSF GAME 6 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 2

    I wouldn't be surprised if the NHL decided to suspend Hossa and Datsyuk instead. I just wouldn't be surprised.
  5. No Beards?

    NHL.COM It doesn't say much about it but are they trying to say that the Wings won't be growing beards for the playoffs or are they saying that they are starting fresh tonight? It sounds like they are trying to say that they will not be doing it. But I take it as starting fresh.
  6. Group Rate for Wings fans @ Panthers!

    I doubt there are any tickets left but Sunrise is Near Miami/Fort Lauderdale. I'd say about 4 hours south east of Tampa. The quickest way to go, I'd say, would be to take I-75 down and over.
  7. Are we really Hockeytown?

    Loyal fans are loyal fans. You can't say that fans from a crappy team are more loyal than fans from a winning team. Because both have loyal fans. Just because buffalo's remaining x thousand fans are loyal doesn't mean that Detroit doesn't have x thousand + loyal fans. The reason buffalo's fans are loyal is because the rest of them jumped ship at the first sign of bad weather. The more successful a team is, the more fair weather fans it will have. But I guarantee Detroit has more LOYAL fans than 90% of the NHL. It just so happens that the Wings also have millions of non loyal fans. Bottom line, loyalty is only visible after years of drought.
  8. Group Rate for Wings fans @ Panthers!

    Great, I'm definitely interested. I've sent a PM.
  9. Group Rate for Wings fans @ Panthers!

    What TIME is the game Matt? I'm on board if it's a 7 or 7:30 game. I'll have a 3 hour drive.
  10. Group Rate for Wings fans @ Panthers!

    Perfect Timing! I'm moving to Florida in about a month.
  11. Help settle a bet

    He said something like My English is shorter now. I guess meaning that speech was even shorter.
  12. Who gets their name on the cup this season?

    You either have to play in however many games 40 or 41 (whatever) OR Have played in 1 playoff game.
  13. Melrose opinon on the crease goal

    We need to go in there Saturday and treat them like we treated the avs in game 4. I know that we were only able to spank the avs that much because of their injuries, but we need to remind turco who we are.
  14. D Mac First Pitch

    I'm going to ignore those comments about there being tobacco in his pocket. I'd rather think that there are two signed pucks that he's going to give to some lucky fan. And is that an iPhone in his other pocket?
  15. 7-0 or 8-2

    7-0 was more impressive. The shut-out really seals the deal