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  1. gdt

    Interesting game. Sammy looked absolutely brutal except his assist.
  2. gdt

    bah my stream officially died.
  3. gdt

    Kindl Kromwalled someone and Tatar is a man possessed, I LIKE IT,
  4. gdt

    ME TOO dying to watch this game.
  5. Man, Lidstrom and Weber would be pretty fun to watch on the PP together..... :rolleyes:
  6. one good thing is i this pretty much cements the fact lidstrom will come back. he would not hang us out to dry without a top D pairing...
  7. his knee is completly shot. its bone on bone. so its not that big of a shock...BOGOSIAN HERE WE COME!
  8. Miller was in before Modano. He is not even on Babcock's radar. Perhaps announcing your retirement before the playoffs wasnt such a great idea Mike.
  9. i guess he had a setback. could be looking at a lilja type PCS. See you next year Cindy....maybe?
  10. i cant even imagine Mickey's reaction to this if they were broadcasting...
  11. whelp that doesnt look so good.
  12. i dont have TSN. im basing this off my only source which is NBC.
  13. well its officialy not just a crazy fan conspiracy anymore
  14. Niemi went in under his own steam. He was playing deep in the net. If there was intent to blow the whistle there shouldnt have been because the puck was WAY loose. Either way id expect to at least here something about it from the wings so they could sway some calls on wednesday.