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  1. Ducks in 5 easy... flames cant win in honda ever
  2. why didnt anyone pay for that hit on howard?... I understand it was on accident or something but the wings should be destroying people after that.... but nothing
  3. I want him back so bad... can't wait to watch this team with him in the lineup
  4. GDT

    wow.. between the wings and ducks this is going to be a looooooong season for me...
  5. EVERYONE should be fired... this is just unbelievable
  6. I am surprised he is not gone already.. On another note if ducks continue to slump they should just trade anderson away he deserves so much better
  7. It's ok that just means the potential for ducks/wings finals!
  8. Ducks might as well still be winless at this point I am just over it
  9. GDT

    Is this a ducks game I am watching ?
  10. GDT

    That was just garbage
  11. We ride together we die together..
  12. I hope so... because I went yolo and picked him up in my fantasy LOL #mydarkhorse
  13. Getz is lazy and he sucks tho he did look good last night... and we can't buy a goal right now. Maybe everyone already giving them the stanley cup before the season started got to their head? Who knows....
  14. This has potential to be a very good game.. on another note YEAH FOR HOCKEY SATURDAY 10 games today!