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    Lidstrom agrees to 1-year, $6.2m contract

    I feel confident in saying that this will be the last season for #5. Here's to hoping we get #5 for #5.
  2. FunkedUp

    Ian White

    Anyone catch that hit on Ian White during the Sharks/Kings game? Brutal hit; I hope the guy is okay. He looked pretty out of it. On a side note, I'm flabbergasted at the fact that they didn't even call a penalty on that hit, when they call penalties for things that mini-mites can get a way with. Figures that when there is a legitimate penalty, the refs "miss" it. Suspension coming for Stoll on that hit, it was pretty bad. That hit is exactly the type that has no place in hockey.
  3. I thought that we could keep this thread going for the remainder of the season. Nick has been a minus player this year, and he has never ended the season in the negative. His worst statistical plus/minus season was in 1992 where he finished +7. With the way things are going, it is almost guaranteed that Nick sets a new record. Currently Nick is a very un-Lidstrom-like minus 2... Will he finish the season as a minus player? Can he win the Norris as a minus player?
  4. FunkedUp

    Nick Lidstrom: Plus/Minus Watch Thread

    All even now. He's been floating between -2 and +2 for a long while...
  5. A few things can happen here: 1. Nabokov eventually reports to the islanders and plays. 2. Nabokov refuses to report a. islanders suspend him for the remainder of the season - no play no pay. season over - end of story. i. HOWEVER - if he refuses to play this year - islanders can appeal to the NHL that Nabokov "honor" this contract for next year and he would not be a FA this offseason. b. islanders waive him i. IF other teams put in a claim on Friday - the lowest team that put a claim in gets him. ii. IF NO other teams put in a claim on Friday - he goes back on waivers and the bids start all over again - preference for lower standing teams. Though. NYI could play hardball and drag this out - he could still end up in Detroit. If NYI puts him through waivers, then he'd have to pull this same story with the other teams that made a claim - until he reaches us. It's possible that NYI waives him, and other teams don't wanna deal with the drama, and he comes here. high hopes...high hopes...
  6. Everyone here is over analyzing the situation. Nabokov will be a Red Wing or won't be in the NHL at all. Think about it... Nabokov wants to play for the Wings; obviously. Unfortunately, he has the possibility of being snatched away on waivers. If Nabokov is claimed by another team then he can just say that he doesn't want to play for that team. He's not signing to play for any NHL team, he's signing to play with the RED WINGS. 250k is peanuts for a guy that just made 30 million over the last 5 years. For a guy making this much money, it wouldn't be worth moving across continents to play with a subpar team that has no chance of winning. My gut says that Nabokov will be a RED WING. However, if he is claimed, I predict he rejects the offer and stays in Russia.
  7. FunkedUp

    The Shootout and the Red Wings

  8. FunkedUp

    Kirk Maltby to announce he is retiring
  9. FunkedUp

    Mike Illitch to buy the Detroit Pistons

    I believe Detroit is the only city with a separate venue for all 4 teams. That will change soon. Get used to the Wings and Pistons sharing behind the FOX.
  10. FunkedUp

    Next Generation D

    Chara has already stated that he wants to stay in Boston. The only way to get Doughty is to offer him 8m/year or so and give LA a kings ransom in terms of prospects/picks. It's not likely. I feel that Holland will do something way out of the blue and surprise all of us.
  11. FunkedUp

    Kovalchuk Deal approved

    Most anti-climatic big name free agent signing ever.
  12. link I could see him going to Boston for the league minimum. I'm actually kinda surprised by this, and thought the Pens would retain him.
  13. FunkedUp

    Designer shares idea for new rink

    link This should generate some good discussion. Anyways, to give this thread a point. What would you guys like to see in the new rink?
  14. FunkedUp

    NHL examining other long term contracts

    I don't know why people are worried about Z and Mule. Their contracts can't be voided. They're safe! link
  15. FunkedUp

    NHL testing new rules and rink modifications

    No puck drop? Face off commence after a blown whistle???? That's ridiculous. Also, 2 on 2? That would be quite the scenario. Datsyuk/Lidstrom > Any other 2 players.
  16. FunkedUp

    Mike Modano signs with Detroit

    Damnit. You beat me to it! Anyways, I'm super pumped about this signing. The Wings now have the deepest group of forwards in the NHL. Hudler-Modano-Cleary = 3rd line money!!! Welcome Home Mike!!!
  17. Kenny has been so protective of prospects and draft picks these last several years that it would make sense to try to make an offer to Doughty. Who cares if Holland deals a bunch of top picks or prospects for a difference maker. It would be worth it. Doughty for 2011 !!!
  18. FunkedUp

    Jimmy cracks top 10 goalies in NHL

    Why is Luongo so high on everyone's list? The guy hasn't won anything, and he always s***s the bed in big games and the playoffs. Most overrated player in the NHL
  19. FunkedUp

    Probert Pictures

    Not Kocur of course, but a good one.
  20. FunkedUp

    RUMOR: Wings Offer 1-year Contract to Maltby

    I'm not surprised. This is the final year of the familiar Detroit Red Wings. Next season, Drapes, Malts, Lidstrom, and Ozzie will all be gone. Homer will be the lone wolf from our championship dynasty squad. Big changes will come next season. Familiar faces will stay, for now...
  21. So the day of reckoning regarding free agency is nearly here, and the flood gates will soon be opened. How busy do you think tomorrow will be? Do you think the big names will be swooped up very early with action abundant...or do you think that this year might be a bit slower then usual. It seems that the talent pool this year, aside from a few names, is suspiciously lacking when compared to other years. Anyways, things regarding the 2010-2011 season should be cleared up soon. I'm not anticipating anything fancy from the Wings, but it will be interesting to see where a few guys end up. Free agency looms!
  22. FunkedUp

    How busy will tomorrow (July 1st) be?

    I could see Burke going after Paul Martin. Also, Marc Savard. I don't think Holland will be making any moves tomorrow. Of course, he will extend offers, but don't expect anything significant. The biggest move that I could see Holland pulling is offering Modano a 1million/1 year deal. If that doesn't happen, I'm thinking he signs a 4th liner and a 3rd pairing defenseman by the end of July.
  23. FunkedUp

    Modano done in Dallas

    That would be awesome if Modano signed here. It's somewhat realistic. Z-Pav-Homer Bert-Flip-Mule Huds-Mo-Cleary Abby-Helm-Eaves I dig those lines...
  24. FunkedUp

    Bertuzzi offered 2 year deal

    I'm expecting to hear that Holland has signed Bertuzzi to a 2 year/2.5 million contract. That's my guess, and I think it will be announced sometime this week.