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  1. Johan Franzen signs extension, 11 years

    not a big fan of this deal, defintey too long. hopefully holland can get rid of samuelson and hudler to sign hossa for a few more years to mak up for it.
  2. Francis Pare, new prospect, signed with GR

    watch for cody thornton, former captain of the soo greyhounds. He's a pretty solid two-way forward with great hands and hits like a freight train.
  3. Bucci on the Wings

    IMO the wings should grab chris neil, and foote, who cares what we lose, there is enough talent on the team for the next 10 years to build around.
  4. Weekend Picks

    Friday: Montreal @ New Jersey Washington @ Carolina Dallas @ Pittsburgh St Louis @ Minnesota Phoenix @ Chicago Anaheim @ Edmonton Colorado @ San Jose Saturday: NY Rangers @ Ottawa Carolina @ Buffalo Pittsburgh @ Toronto Nashville @ Montreal Atlanta @ NY Islanders Dallas @ Philadelphia Washington @ Florida Phoenix @ Detroit Boston @ Tampa Bay Chicago @ St Louis Columbus @ Calgary Colorado @ Los Angeles Sunday: Atlanta @ New Jersey Vancouver @ Minnesota Edmonton @ Anaheim
  5. Leafs close to firing GM Ferguson

    With all the dumb signings and trades this fool has made, i'm surprised it has taken this long for him to get fired. I really hope it does happen so the leafs can have a chance at the cup in the next few years.
  6. Weekend Picks

    Saturday: Toronto @ Phoenix Calgary @ Colorado Buffalo @ Montreal Philadelphia @ Ottawa Boston @ NY Islanders Carolina @ Washington Detroit @ Columbus Atlanta @ Pittsburgh New Jersey @ Tampa Bay Minnesota @ Nashville Chicago @ Edmonton Los Angeles @ San Jose Sunday: Dallas @ NY Rangers Calgary @ St Louis Los Angeles @ Anaheim Chicago @ Vancouver
  7. First Quarter Grades

    He's being out played by someone much better at his job. How is the +/- worthless, it shows that everytime he is on the ice he's a liability. If he was playing goodI wouldn't have a problem but he's playing bad and Downey is better at the 4th liner role.
  8. First Quarter Grades

    Glad to see another old man signing is going to waste ( Drake ) hopefully he starts coming to play. I think that D was pretty generous. I think he's deserving of an F. A team worst -6 and the team has been outscored 7-1 with him on the ice. 1 assist in 14 games. Thats pretty bad.
  9. Dom Bashers Welcome!

    Trade Hasek and get Legace back here.
  10. Best Match-ups for the Finals

    I would like to see Detroit vs. Montreal i think it would be a really good 7 gamer. I would not like to see detroit ottawa , Cause i think it would either be a 4 gam sweep by ottawa or a snooze fest of us just shutting them down and losing in 7.
  11. When will the Wings fall?

    Darren Helm will replace Draper very nicely.
  12. Hall of Fame Worthy Players

    Agreed. He's Definately a shoe-in.
  13. Hall of Fame Worthy Players

    To each their own I guess, I just respect those who do something not many others have accomplished and think they should be recognized for that, also his numbers are pretty solid.
  14. Man I love this kid

    This kid is pretty special, hard to find these guys anymore. Here's a clip of him with team Canada, pretty devastating hit.