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    My first attempt.
  2. +1 for you, but sorry, still down 800+
  3. I always thought the Wings were better than 29th in prospects.
  4. This is getting annoying. Grigorenko, he wants more money, that's fine. But at this point in his relationship with the Red Wings, I would begin to put my foot down. Does he want to play in the NHL? Signs point to no. If he is more worried about losing his spot on the Russian team, then I don't think he's worried at all about his spot on the DETROIT RED WINGS or Grand Rapids Griffins. Patriotism and nationalism is great and all, but if he doesn't want to show some sort of commitment to the organization that has tagged along with him for 5+ years and shown him that commitment, then I would give up on him. He may have all the skill in the world, but I'm losing respect for him if he stays in Russia for money.
  5. He'll be back in the OHL, I doubt the Red Wings will sign him until mid-late next season.
  6. Good for the Griffins. They've played well all year, but it's a shame for the Marlies. Most of Toronto was strongly behind them with the Leafs out of the playoffs. The Marlies were getting a decent amount of advertising in the area, if not coverage, but that's because of the NHL playoffs. Good series Marlies, and especially #79, John Mitchell!
  7. lang hudler legace 1sts for luongo bouwmeester weiss/horton
  8. Little is very good. I can't say enough about him. This is his third year in the OHL, and now he is draft-eligible. He can score.
  9. Haskins is a good leader on Toronto, but he is playing with the Donati brothers, a couple of very good scorers. Haskins is solid, and is a Matt Ellis type. (Ellis being a former-Major himself).
  10. I also might contest Ellis and Bootland. I think Bootland is a better player than Ellis, as in better rounded. Bootland's physical game gives him an edge.
  11. It's a shame, but oh well. Let's just let McGrath play harder in Kitchener, hone his game with his own team and not have to worry about the expectations of a whole country.
  12. Nathan Robinson. Led the OHL in scoring. Yeah, he's a great NHL player.
  13. Kendall McArdle #7. Dan Collins #24. I'm sure McGrath was ranked much higher than his draft position would indicate. Hudler as well. peace Hudler was ranked in the top ten...number one center in the draft. Hudler was #3 European in the 2002 NHL Draft. I was there. In Toronto. The Leafs seemed to complain that they took Matt Stajan at 60 instead of Hudler, who was taken 62nd. Hudler: 12 GP, 1G, 2A, 3Pts., 10PIM Stajan: 94, 18, 19, 37, 34. I'll give Hudler some time for transition, but I think I still like Stajan.
  14. Red Wings....Red, for the pigment and the light that reflects and is analyzed in the eye and electric signals are then sent through the retina into the brain where............