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  1. My Greatest Wish

    This series has played out so far exactly like the Avs series in 02. The Wings lost games 3 and 5, losing game 5 in OT, falling behind in the series 3-2. As it turned out, Forsberg's OT winner was the last goal of the season for the Avs as Hasek pitched two shutouts to close out the series in 7. So there is a precedent.
  2. Who owns this town? Wings or Pistons?

    It's a waste of energy to get mad at something that boils down to simple economics. Hockey is a regional sport. Basketball is universal in America. It's going to get better ratings regardless of how many southern markets Bettman tries to force the NHL into. Also, don't think the Wings are totally blameless in this. They haven't done the fans a lot of favors lately. And the Pistons as an organization do a lot more in the department of fan relations (especially for their season ticket holders).
  3. Who owns this town? Wings or Pistons?

    As much as I love Detroit, I have to admit that we're kind of a fair-weather town. That's why the Hockeytown moniker is kinda ridiculous, in my opinion. Were we Hockey Town when the Joe was at 40% in the early 80s? Will we still be Hockeytown if, God forbid, the REd Wings find their way back to the cellar? Toronto sells out their arena even when they suck, and so does Montreal. Both of those towns are bigger hockeytowns than Detroit. Right now, we're seeing how powerful the Tigers are. When the Tigers are good, this is a baseball town. But I actually truly believe that if the Lions got to a Super Bowl, this town would absolutely get turned upside down. It would be as crazy as last summer's Tigers run, the 02 Cup run and the 04 Pistons run COMBINED!
  4. Tonights Difference Makers

    Robert Lang. I don't know why either. lol I guess I just have a feeling that he's going to score another huge goal.
  5. Burnside on the Wings, post-Yzerman and Shanahan

    Am I the only guy in the world who thinks that Steve was our best player in most of the Oilers series, and definitely the best player (maybe for either team) in game 6? It's been the most exciting, but if that softy by Lang in game 4 against the Sharks is gloved like it should have been, the Wings fall behind in that series 3-1 and they're probably toast. The Wings haven't been sailing threw this thing. It's been a grind and they've needed some breaks. Let's step back from the excitement of the moment for a second and take an honest objective look at what is happening this season: the Wings are not that much better than they were the last three seasons (except in goal). They're just getting more bounces and breaks this year (which, admittedly, might have something to do with their work ethic, having younger legs, etc. But we're still a pretty old team). Like I said before, the Wings were not light-years away from title contention in their previous playoff flops. Each team that dispatched the Wings in 03, 04, and 06 wound up coming within a game of the Cup. And none of those teams blew the Wings away. All of those series were tight (even the sweep by the Ducks).
  6. Burnside on the Wings, post-Yzerman and Shanahan

    I disagree with that aritcle. It’s not like the Wings were light-years away in their three previous playoff seasons. In each one, they lost a close, hotly contested series (even the Ducks series was close. Each game was a one goal game that could have gone either way) to a team that wound up losing in game 7 of the Cup Final. And it’s not like the Wings are breezing through this playoff season either. If it weren’t for a soft Robert Lang goal in the last minute of game 4 of the Sharks series, there’s a damn good chance that the Wings are ousted in the second round of this playoff. btw-did anybody happen to notice what Shanny did this year in the playoffs? Furthermore, I seem to remember Yzerman being the best player on the ice in game 6 of the Oil series last year.
  7. Selanne

    Just because a guy doesn't show up on the scoring sheet doesn't mean he's invisible. Selanne was actually pretty effective in games 1 and 2. He occupies a lot of attention with opens things up for other guys.
  8. Anaheim stats with/without Pronger

    I'm actually expecting a strong game from the Ducks tonight. Sometimes when a team loses one of its stalwarts, especially in a high stakes situation like this, the team as a whole actually winds up playing better in his absence because every guy realizes that he has to pick up the slack to make up for the missing piece. So don't expect tonight's game to be easy.
  9. Funniest comment from a Ducks fan

    Questions for the conspiracy theorists: If there is a conspiracy to fix games in Toronto, then why didn’t the Rangers, a huge market team, get the benefit of the doubt in the close calls in that series against the Sabres, a small market team? Why do Toronto, the largest hockey market IN THE WORLD, and Montreal, the second largest hockey market IN THE WORLD, have crappy teams?
  10. Funniest comment from a Ducks fan

    Some fans are so blinded by their fandom. There are two things that Pronger's hit was not: 1) clean 2) questionable. There's nothing questionable or clean or about it: it was dirty and illegal, no equivocations.
  11. I'm not sure if this is kosher or not, but I saw the following obnoxious comment on the Ducks forum: To summarize, Pronger opening up Homer's forehead on a "questionable" hit from behind into the boards is not suspension worthy. Hasek's waterbottle is the real crime here.
  12. Petition to Tether Hasek to the Net

    But we don't know how many goals he actually deterred by playing that way. Besides, when he plays like that, it means he's involved, sharp, on the edge, engaged, concentrated. He's at his best that way.
  13. Petition to Tether Hasek to the Net

    Dude, I agree with what you say about Hasek. But there's no need to launch a personal assault on the guy who started the thread and those who agree with him. That's childish. Can't we disagree with each other without hurling insults?
  14. Petition to Tether Hasek to the Net

    What makes you think I didn't read the title and your original post? I'm not saying that you're saying that he's a bad goalie. I'm saying we should defer to his style of play. It's dangerous, but it's also part of what makes him great. So why try to change him now? He may let in a bad goal from time to time because he wanders, but he may also be deterring goals from time to time by playing the puck aggresively.
  15. Hasek Is Clutch

    Of course. That's why it's a figure of speech, a cliche, etc. But it's the closest to literal that I've ever seen that cliche coming.