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  1. That's how I remember the situation as well.
  2. Someone from HF translated this article: Here: Starts in post #70. Pavel on the skills contest- Drunken karaoke night with him sounds like it would be tons of fun and a worthy addition to All Star weekend.
  3. Actually, it's about $170/season for me to add the Center Ice package to my Directv subscription including Florida's nifty 'it's not a tax' satellite tv use fee. Which is like real money for most folks.
  4. Prince Edward Island Workforce Development ads for the win!
  5. And then one day, you find yourself living a thousand miles away from where you grew up and wishing that there was a Belle Tire down here because none of the local tire stores come close to the same price/service standards. I find myself digging most of the FSD commercials out of childhood nostalgia and wishing they'd bring back the Kowalski Kowality Moment.
  6. It could still be a scam for other reasons, but I wouldn't judge a company for failure to ship an item on January 2, since it was a federal holiday (observed). USPS wasn't delivering, and the other shipping companies might have been hit or miss that day as well.
  7. In the words of the great John Crichton: "Guys! I apologize in advance for any incivility or insensitivity on my part, but it is beer o'clock... Where the hell is my riot?"
  8. Gotta say that I still get a chuckle at the Jiri as a midget jokes, as many times as they do come up.
  9. Given what Gilchrist went through injury-wise in order to remain an active NHL player, I'm inclined to read this as some sort of 'I'm into S&M' secret jersey code deal.
  10. Sounds like Danton was monitoring for an obstructed airway.
  11. This. His physical skills were pretty average by NHL standards, but he had great success because he really has the perfect temperment for a professional goalie. His good head for the game and heart got him from average to 400.
  12. <--- see current state of residence, so Go Bolts!
  13. Given the Bay area's huge Asian population, you probably have a lot of options since it's a delicacy in a number of places over there.
  14. Florida Panhandle representing here!