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  1. Addition by subtraction

    Schneider is definitely being missed...especailly on the PP. I had thought that part of the reason that the Wings didn't resign Schneider was because they diidn't think they could afford both him and Markov...... Instead, they signed Rafalski for more than Schneider accepted from the Ducks and didn't sign Markov at all. I have no idea what they were thinking there. Rafalski's a good player but he can't take the place of both Markov and Schneider.
  2. Dallas Drake theme song (lol)

    The song isn't new to Dally-fans. Thanks for the video link, though! They played it at the Scottrade Center when Dally first played there with the Wings this season...I'll be looking forward to hearing it at the Joe WHEN he scores.
  3. Dont know how many of you acctually care...

    I love baseball second after hockey, and this whole thing makes me really sad. It's crazy that players have been pressured to use anabolic steroids when there's little evidence that they make a difference. Sure, they make muscles grow bigger, but where's the proof that they make someone hit more accurately, catch better, etc.?? Really, there is none. The truly talented players could have done so anyway, but if they succumbed to this 'roid trend, they're going to have to have their legacy tainted with the asterisk. Sad.
  4. Who will be the new LGW whipping boy?

    Lilly-uh is pretty much a no-brainer. Kronwall for too many bad turnovers. Hasek...well...let's just say that Ozzie deserves a better backup. BTW, Grittzkey--I love your sig banner! Where'd you get that??
  5. Who should be the next Wings captain?

    Once all the current 34+ vets are gone, I don't see who else would make a good Captain besides Hank. There are surely other talented young players on the roster, but Hank shows up and gives 150% every night. He's relentless. He's tireless. He leads by example. What more can you ask for, besides experience? When the vets are gone, Zetterberg will be there.
  6. Even when Drake is 100% - Why not Downey full time?

    Just FYI....a player's +/_ has nothing to do with penalty killing execpt when we're scored against short-handed (See: Rafalski, Lidstrom, Kronwall, etc).... Downey = agitating, fighting Drake (at 100%) = agitating, fighting, penalty-killing, forechecking, shot-blocking.... There's really no comparison. I know Drake has been pretty quiet since the cheekbone-cracking incident, but he will perk up and get back to his old self soon enough (especially once the shield comes off). I like both Drake and Downey, and I would LOVE to see both of them get playing time, but the Wings don't have the roster space to allow young up-and-coming players to get bumped by a middle-aged-role-player like Downey. That's why the Wings will put Downey waivers instead of Ellis or Kopecky, who're young players with lots of potential. I'm glad that Downey cleared waivers so that he can be sent down (and called back up) without the Wings losing him. I'll be glad, in the end, when all of their names' are etched on Lord Stanley's Cup! Go WINGS!!!
  7. Red Wings Live LIES!

    What was Babweenie going to say? "Our Power Play sucks so bad that the other team scores more when we're on it than we do?"
  8. Where is Darren McCarty?

    D Mac hasn't played in almost a year since suffering a sports hernia. His surgery was supposedly successful, but who knows without seeing proof? Teams apparently aren't willing to sign a guy without evidence that he can play.
  9. 10/3 GDT: Red Wings 3, Anaheim Ducks 2 (F/SO)

    That would be great! I don't know if Drake is tall enough, though. I'd still love to see him try! Go Dally! Go Wings!