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  1. Fleury going for that SHUTOUT
  2. One step closer to the Sens/Preds ratings disaster
  3. Caps playing like they have finally figured out this playoffs thing. Hope that carries forward to game 7.
  4. I realllly hope the Caps turn this series around
  5. When did I say it would take only the first round pick to get Trouba? I get you just love to argue with people on the internet, but find someone else.
  6. Hoping Holland will use the pick to pry Trouba out of the Peg
  7. ******* Philly tho
  8. Really hoping the pick is traded for a legit dman at this point.
  9. ******* figures we drop down
  10. Key for the Caps is to strike early. Pens haven't played in a while.
  11. They better keep the horn
  12. Of course Sheahan will get the last goal at the Joe. Of course lol.
  13. When has that ever been a problem this season?
  14. The moves made to try and keep the playoff streak alive screwed the Red Wings more than anything. On the bright side, that should stop now.
  15. He fleeced NYR for Smith and got less than he hoped for Vanek due to the market for wingers being weak. I fail to see your point.