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  1. The good news is that Ott is officially off the market, so a Wings target he is not.
  2. Fleury going for that SHUTOUT
  3. One step closer to the Sens/Preds ratings disaster
  4. Caps playing like they have finally figured out this playoffs thing. Hope that carries forward to game 7.
  5. I realllly hope the Caps turn this series around
  6. When did I say it would take only the first round pick to get Trouba? I get you just love to argue with people on the internet, but find someone else.
  7. Hoping Holland will use the pick to pry Trouba out of the Peg
  8. ******* Philly tho
  9. Really hoping the pick is traded for a legit dman at this point.
  10. ******* figures we drop down
  11. Key for the Caps is to strike early. Pens haven't played in a while.
  12. They better keep the horn
  13. Of course Sheahan will get the last goal at the Joe. Of course lol.
  14. When has that ever been a problem this season?
  15. The moves made to try and keep the playoff streak alive screwed the Red Wings more than anything. On the bright side, that should stop now.