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  1. At this point, I'd expect to see Myers be the odd man out on Winnipeg. There is just no reason for them to trade Trouba anymore.
  2. While I do not think Trouba is overrated, I agree that Liljegren should be the priority if we have a high enough pick to get him. That being said, if we win the lottery, my vote is on drafting Patrick and giving up Larkin or AA for Trouba straight up.
  3. The thing is, Green only has one year left after this season. Doesn't hurt the team. He'll easily bring in at least a second round pick at next year's deadline. It's the long-term contracts like Ericsson's that hurt.
  4. At least the Leafs are using him right
  5. He started getting the starts because Coreau began to struggle. The more Mraz played, the better he got. But it's good. Only by playing (even through adversity) will he work out the weaknesses.
  6. If the team went into the season trying to disguise a tank, they'd have never traded Datsyuk's cap hit to begin with. They wouldn't have locked up players to the long-term contracts that they have. Vanek was the only right move for a tank due to the fact he may net a late first rounder at the deadline.
  7. It all depends on where they finish in the draft lottery. I mean, win the lottery, then absolutely. Trade Larkin for Trouba. But beyond that, it is just creating one hole by filling another. Which is why trying to use the pick to get him may be the best option.
  8. Depends which of the top 5 picks we get, if any. If we win the Nolan Patrick sweepstakes, for example, I'm calling Arizona to see what it would take to get OEL. That's something I'd overpay for.
  9. That was the look of "I f***ed up". He reacted without thinking, and basically did the most gutless thing he possibly could have. I have no doubt that he regrets it. But he did it, it was gross, and I think that because of it, his season should end early.
  10. Google it
  11. I personally think Goose should be suspended for the season. No room for that garbage in the league.
  12. If a team and a player have a handshake deal in place and sign it after the expansion draft, the team will be punished. Sure UFAs can sign after the draft. But if there are cases where there are questions about whether or not a deal was more or less in place before hand, but signed afterward specifically to avoid having to protect the player, the league will investigate. Otherwise, every team would just wait to ink the deal with their players after the expansion draft, which would screw over Vegas pretty hard. Bill Daly has come out and said himself that teams will be punished if caught circumventing the expansion draft in this manner.
  13. Right! Forgot to factor in Vegas.
  14. This would be circumventing the expansion draft, in which the Wings would get punished by the league. Vanek has been great. It's also great that he'll be able to bring this team some much-needed assets at the trade deadline. Time for this team to worry about the future instead of the present.
  15. Yes. But if they finish 3rd last, the lowest they can pick is 6th.