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  1. Sure Drew can kill penalties. But so can Helm, Abby, Sheahan,, Nielsen. AA and Larkin should also be seeing some PK time with their speed. All Miller is doing is keeping a guy like Mantha in the AHL when he should be learning to play at the NHL level. Having guys like Miller on the ice means you usually aren't playing WITH the puck very much. Our 4th line would score even more if a guy like Sheahan was on it instead. For the record, I do not hate Drew Miller. I've stuck up for him a lot in the past. But the team is at a point where they just don't need him anymore.
  2. Especially if Drew Miller was the front man.
  3. When you have to choose between a high-end dman and a high-end winger, you go with the dman. They are a hell of a lot more difficult to come by these days. Giving up Mantha would not be foolish. It would be a realistic asset to have to part ways with to acquire a potential #1 defenseman.
  4. Christ, how did I overlook Helm as a pk guy?
  5. I have no issue with AA on the 4th line if it means benching Miller and rolling 4 lines. Tatar-Larkin-Hank Abby-Nielsen-Mantha Goose-Helm-Vanek Miller and Ott as healthy scratches who can fill in from time to time when need be. That is how it should be. But instead, we have two lines built to defend, including one of the top 6. It's stupid. Abby-Nielsen, as pk forwards. Literally no use for Miller on this team anymore.
  6. How Sheahan gets to play in that spot so Miller can be in the lineup over Mantha is gross.
  7. If Mantha gets us Trouba, it must be done. Not like Blashill is gonna play him anyway. At least Trouba would make the roster by default.
  8. Hicketts is a guy who has all the tools and the right mindset to be an NHL player despite his size.
  9. Helm is exactly where he should be. Centering the third line. With you on the others, though. Sheahan should be on the fourth.
  10. He needs to learn how to take draws at this level some how
  11. Giving up a 1st for Fowler would be insane regardless. Even with Trouba, lottery protection would be a must. Imagine giving up the first, for it to turn out to be a top 5 pick. That absolutely would hurt. The Leafs were in a spot where they had a few really good prospects, but nothing to build a team around. I feel like where the Leafs were when they had that huge collapse not long ago is where this team is headed now. Which I am honestly totally fine with if it means one or two top 5 picks, to be honest. I'm not convinced this team needs a full blown rebuild. I believe they are simply just drafting a couple high-end players away from fully turning it all around. A lot of pieces in the system now can give them all the depth they need for many years. But we still need folks to build the team around besides just Larkin and Mrazek. Very tough to land players like that in the draft as a fringe playoff team.
  12. Regardless of what happens as far as trades go, the 1st round pick cannot be traded. Period. If help is to be brought in via trade, it has to be from roster players and prospects. The first rounder has to be absolutely untouchable, as it is not far fetched for that to become a top 10 pick this time around.
  13. The streak has completely neutered this franchise. Having it end this season would be a blessing in disguise.
  14. Honta Yo, Babyyyyyyyy
  15. Holland better have the guts to trade some guys as rentals at the deadline. Sadly I can see him clinging to this team even if they are far out of contention. A lottery pick will be nice, but I'm sure he'll trade down.