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  1. I'm merely pointing out the fact that they can't use a UFA to fulfill the requirements to expose players.
  2. They can only expose an RFA. Vegas will have a window to try and work out a deal with Bishop before the expansion draft, which would count as LA's lost player if he signs. BUT LA cannot use Bishop as their exposed goalie. It's still gonna be Zatkoff.
  3. Vegas has to submit their draft choices by June 20th. That's before the window to talk to UFAs begins.
  4. As does all other teams
  5. This is not true.
  6. But they can't expose a UFA... Has to either be a player contracted for next season or RFA only.
  7. Why would Vegas draft a UFA? That doesn't make any sense. If Bish has any interest in Vegas, he can sign there July 1st. Vegas does not need to, and won't, waste a pick on a UFA.
  8. I'm okay with Smith sticking around if he wants to re-sign before the deadline. Even during a rebuild, we are gonna need some experience on the blueline. Would rather have him around than guys like Ericsson. Having said that, if he doesn't re-sign by March 1st, he gots to go.
  9. Bish is UFA this summer. They got him as insurance. With Quick's style and coming back from a bad groin injury, they are making sure they have a goalie for a run.
  10. To be fair, Quick hasn't played in months. I guess they feel they can make a run, and want to have another proven goalie to get them there, as the schedule for most teams in this last stretch of the season is pretty brutal.
  11. At this point, I'd expect to see Myers be the odd man out on Winnipeg. There is just no reason for them to trade Trouba anymore.
  12. While I do not think Trouba is overrated, I agree that Liljegren should be the priority if we have a high enough pick to get him. That being said, if we win the lottery, my vote is on drafting Patrick and giving up Larkin or AA for Trouba straight up.
  13. The thing is, Green only has one year left after this season. Doesn't hurt the team. He'll easily bring in at least a second round pick at next year's deadline. It's the long-term contracts like Ericsson's that hurt.
  14. At least the Leafs are using him right
  15. He started getting the starts because Coreau began to struggle. The more Mraz played, the better he got. But it's good. Only by playing (even through adversity) will he work out the weaknesses.