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  1. Z and D for the C

  2. All they care about is "The Streak" and it's hampering us. Stop caring about "The Streak" and play for yourselves. It's like they try as hard as they can to just get into the playoffs and once they keep "the streak" intact they stop caring. I honestly wish we'd just miss the playoffs so we stop hearing about meaningless streaks and stats. The longest streak is pro sports was cool when we knew the Wings could do some damage in the playoffs. Now they're just flat in the playoffs because they've reached their goal.
  3. If Nyquist and Tatar can step it up (assuming they're on the roster), we'll be better. Everything else is about a wash, I'm thinking. Maybe Neilson will lose the puck a little less than Datsyuk did last year. Vanek might be better than Richards but I'm not holding my breath. This is of course assuming no trades.
  4. I feel like we've been saying that for years and it never happens.
  5. No one is fit except for Dan Cleary, so we'll have to bring him back.
  6. signed

    Helm scored 26 points playing with our best players last year..if he ended up at 3.85m/yr how the hell much did he think he was worth? Holland makes the occasional nice move but these kind of signings are just embarrassing.
  7. Trade

    Yes, that's why he sucks as has to go. How is this hard to understand? (I'm being facetious) I can't tell if you're serious. Who is our equivalent of Toews, Kane, and Hossa?
  8. Even if he did, should he really have his number retired? It's close..but he wasn't anything like a Lidstrom or Yzerman. Maybe if he led us to another cup.
  9. This was pretty obvious. He hasn't been emotionally in the game for a while I don't think and has slowed down significantly. Return or not, we still lost our #1 center of 5-10 years ago. Thanks for the memories, wish it could have ended better.
  10. Yeah who cares about the fans, what do they do for the team. The Red Wings would be way better off without all the fans that spend thousands and thousands of dollars on tickets.
  11. Someone should compile things other teams' players have said about coming to the Joe Louis Arena and then replace it with the new name to show how ridiculous the "LITTLE Caesar's Arena" is. I love the Illitchs obviously but I thought they actually cared about respect and tradition.
  12. Curses out reporters? Tirade? I think that's over exaggerating things. He's pissed and is showing some emotion, it'd be nice if someone on the Wings showed some emotion over their losses sometime and maybe there wouldn't be so many of them.
  13. gdt

    LOL, if you lose a series in 5 games you don't deserve to win anything. Being 'close' to winning a single game is one thing, but if you are 'close' in 5 games and lose 4 of those, you're not close to anything but a few rounds of golf.
  14. GDT

    I like Abby but he's totally out of place in the top 6, as is Helm and Mantha. Not saying that Mantha won't be there eventually but this team is fighting for it's life, a rookie with <10 games under his belt shouldn't be on a top spot in the team.
  15. GDT

    I'm not saying lose on purpose to get a better draft pick. I'm saying it's like all the wings care about is making the playoffs just to extend the streak instead of to win in the playoffs. This team is complacent.