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  1. My impression of Mrazek is he is a fundamentally poor goalie. He's had flashes of brilliance but he has terrible positioning and overplays the puck way too much and he's constantly getting burned on it. He is super aggressive to compensate for being an otherwise poor goalie so either he overplays the puck and gets burned a lot or he stays in his net and can't make saves. His play style may have worked in the AHL, etc where players aren't as good but it's not transferring well into the NHL except when he was inexplicably hot last year. Not to mention he is clearly a drama queen and has an attitude problem. I even see it when he handles the puck behind the net - he gingerly slides back to the goal as if he thinks his passes are so perfect that he doesn't have to put in effort to get back in net - and it's burned him multiple times. Not to mention when he got pissed off a Helm for having a puck deflect off him accidentally. Clear attitude issues. My extremely brief impression of Coreau (from this past pre-season and the few games this year) is that he is a fundamentally sound goalie but still has some growing to do. I'll take the fundamentally sound goalie over the goalie who is flashy but has poor fundamentals. As for Howard, he may not be the best goalie in the league (I mean that literally, he isn't the best goalie in the league) but the fact is he is an elite goaltenders despite how much people may dislike him and be in love with Mrazek just because he's young and flashy. Howard has at least a few year left of being elite. We can't keep both Coreau and Mzarek long term so I think we should ride Howard for a few more years until Coreau is ready and let Las Vegas have Mrazek. I don't claim to be an expert on goaltending, but this is just my instinct and my opinion.
  2. Everything you say is 100% true, however that doesn't explain anything from OP's post. We can't pass, we can't win a puck battle, we can't skate the puck through the neutral zone. These are things our team should be able to do even though we don't have superstar level talent anymore.
  3. Why should a city that couldn't previously support a hockey team get first dibs? Just because it's Canadian? Because it snows? That logic is backwards. While I don't agree that the league should expand I think it's a lot more fair to say a market that hasn't had a chance to have a hockey team deserves one before one that has already had a chance and has failed. As for new markets in general I don't think the "we should never try anything new and just keep things the same as they always are" argument is a very provocative one. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all.
  4. "This team might fail, let's put it back into a city where a team already has failed"
  5. Mrazek isn't the only reason we've been losing, but he's sure not helping us win and Howard, in every game he's played, has. give how 60-70% of the starts for a couple weeks and see how that goes. Also, he need to stack our top 6, we don'e have the skill at offense to spread across three lines which Blash looks like he's trying to do. Have a third line of Abby, Z and Helm and stack players with some actual offensive ability (sorry, Z is just too slow at this point) and try to get some goals. We need Vanek back.
  6. He over committed "a bit"? His entire body was outside of the crease, leaving the net completely open. And he does that constantly. Mrazek shouldn't be benched because he lost a single game, he should be benched because Jimmy has been far superior and Mrazek thus far has been questionable at best.
  7. If Mrazek could go a game without constantly giving our opponents a huge change because he way over-commits and leaves the net wide open, that'd be wonderful.
  8. All they care about is "The Streak" and it's hampering us. Stop caring about "The Streak" and play for yourselves. It's like they try as hard as they can to just get into the playoffs and once they keep "the streak" intact they stop caring. I honestly wish we'd just miss the playoffs so we stop hearing about meaningless streaks and stats. The longest streak is pro sports was cool when we knew the Wings could do some damage in the playoffs. Now they're just flat in the playoffs because they've reached their goal.
  9. If Nyquist and Tatar can step it up (assuming they're on the roster), we'll be better. Everything else is about a wash, I'm thinking. Maybe Neilson will lose the puck a little less than Datsyuk did last year. Vanek might be better than Richards but I'm not holding my breath. This is of course assuming no trades.
  10. I feel like we've been saying that for years and it never happens.
  11. No one is fit except for Dan Cleary, so we'll have to bring him back.
  12. signed

    Helm scored 26 points playing with our best players last year..if he ended up at 3.85m/yr how the hell much did he think he was worth? Holland makes the occasional nice move but these kind of signings are just embarrassing.
  13. Trade

    Yes, that's why he sucks as has to go. How is this hard to understand? (I'm being facetious) I can't tell if you're serious. Who is our equivalent of Toews, Kane, and Hossa?
  14. Even if he did, should he really have his number retired? It's close..but he wasn't anything like a Lidstrom or Yzerman. Maybe if he led us to another cup.