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  1. November Schedule Wallpaper NOW AVAILABLE!

    A most incredible job as always, Matt.
  2. Came across this link on the front page of today. Just a short (93 second) video with brief comments by The Captain himself. I had forgotten it came against the Avalanche. Video Just posting this for those who still The Captain...
  3. Suprises / dissapointments so far this season...

    I have to say I'm not overly surprised with any team in the Central. Going in to the season I expected both Chicago and St. Louis to give the Wings a bit of trouble - both in games and in the standings. My biggest surprise would have to be the Wild. Yes, they were going back to the playoffs but 3 shutouts already? They may not be able to keep up that pace - Stupid unbalanced schedule has them playing 12 of their next 15 in the division while the other 3 games are against the Blues (twice) and the Penguins - but that hot start is giving them a lot of confidence in a highly competitive division.
  4. 10/18 GDT: Red Wings 4, San Jose Sharks 2

    Something tells me that this is going to be similar to last weeks game against Chicago. It's going to be a hard-fought battle. I wouldn't be surprised if Lidstrom's time is down a bit tonight - maybe 2-3 minutes below his aveage. He going to be hit hard and often. At least the Wings crush the Sharks on the fashion front.
  5. Members photos

    Longtime Lurker, newly joined, transplanted Wings Fan with a newly minted 3-yr old Wings Fan... Huzzah!
  6. 10/8 GDT: Red Wings 4, Edmonton Oilers 2

    7 years of visiting LGW / Lurking on these here boards and it's a GDT vs the Oilers that drives me to join... GDTs.