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  1. Worst defence in the league, just a brutal brutal 6... need to trade all of them asap! Either we played 2 best teams in NHL or we suck ass completely. Let's see what we look like at home better be night and day!
  2. Why would the Blues even show up for Game 7?!? Zero chance.
  3. Bishop best goalie in NHL for past 3years...that was the series nothing more to it. Could have easily went the other way just like last year.
  4. gdt

    How hard is it to stop Johnson, he had such a bad year yet kills Wings every single time. Datsyuk/Glendening cover him!!
  5. GDT

    Wings should never bother playing Bruins, they stand zero chance. They are the Sharks of the East to us.
  6. GDT

    Shocked as hell, Wings best game of year in every way. Jimmy very impressed! Glendening was on a mission.. Helm was a beast... Just a great win! Let's do it again tomorrow boys!
  7. GDT

    So f'ing pissed I wanna smash everything in sight. Can't stand these goalies and defense. The goalies one worse than the other cant stop a beach ball. We stand a much better chance playing with empty net 6 guys. Howard reeks as bad as mrazek does. 3 goals each a minimum every game.
  8. What goaltending... The man that never gets rattled, yaaaa ok since being named "#1" he's been rattled every game!!
  9. Come Pavel rip a shot man... He's the guy that has to shoot that puck!
  10. gdt

    What's crazy is only 4 pets from TB and 5 from Boston. Man I hope Boston starts free falling and we pass them. TB has to make it for Stevie!
  11. GDT

    Absolute heart broken tonight with this loss, stings like a mother------. I feel this is by far the best team (especially at forward) that we have had in a long time and yet we could (or will) miss the playoffs. Our defense is atrocious. Mrazek doesn't seem consistent (yet again) and as soon as he's been given that #1 role has not played as confident.
  12. GDT

    Unfingreal shutout at home to Leafs
  13. GDT

    It always is the case. And remember no one takes the Leafs seriously, and brings their A game unless you're the Sens.
  14. GDT

    Lose to the Leafs, absolute killer! What a horrible PP
  15. GDT

    Pulks is garbage get rid of him! Dats is BACK!!!!