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  1. Imagine how much better this team would have been (at least in the standings) if we didn't have Mrazek in net!
  2. We also need to score 4 at least... you know he's giving up 3 for sure.
  3. 12-5 shots... talk about deceiving. Wings were the better team by far that period.
  4. Can't get any worse then that PP... what a s*** coach with who he puts out!
  5. We have worst goalie in league in net.
  6. Just like yesterday in Colorado... it's a sea of red! Let's go Red Wings!!
  7. Wouldn't be a Mrazek game if he didn't give up 3 right?
  8. Give me a break , stop making excuses he can't stop a beach ball for the past year and half. Zero business as #1. Massive reason why no playoffs, lost a ton of games cause of him.
  9. Like why why why is Mrazek ever in net!?!? Make a ******* save for once!
  10. I would've bet anything and I mean ANYTHING that the first shot Hawks took went in.... worst goalies and defense ever!
  11. Any mistake always in our net... we have Cheveldae in net all over again, absolutely brutal. I bet if we play Bruins 82 games a year we would be 1-81. Talk about a team that can do no wrong against us.
  12. Coreau cannot play another NHL game! Howard better be back next game and play the rest of the season every game.
  13. 2 goals against in 2 shifts in row and he's back out there again at face off! How the f*** is Blashill still the coach!!!!!!!
  14. Wow DK has got to be worse then ericsson nowadays my god just brutal... and Coreau reeks. Worst defense and goaltending to boot! One mistake always in the net.
  15. Who wants to bet first shot is in and Boston takes a 15-1 shot advantage as usual?