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  1. Petr "3" Mrazek
  2. Woohoo! Man mrazek reeks!
  3. And there it is... 3 as usual, garbage absolutely garbage!
  4. Don't get too excited still Mrazek in net and 3 is minimum GA per game.. we need 4.
  5. Whose ready for another collapse? Unreal... so predictable.
  6. Such garbage this guy in net holy
  7. This loss hurt the worst it seems. Boy am I upset with this loss for some reason it's the breaking point! Lose to Calgary at home, 4 straight... outshot again. Been watching them for 32 years and Wednesday will be the first game I will purposely miss, just can't take watching these guys not even trying out there. Just embarrassing how every single night they are so easily beat. What happened to that 7-1 preseason team or 6-2 start!??!
  8. Don't forget no Drouin too!
  9. Mrazek reeks... guaranteed 3-4 goals a game. Will never win with this guy in net on a consistent basis. He's never going to be a number 1. Miller is horrible how is this guy in the NHL!
  10. Boyle SH goal coming up lol what a garbage team my God!!
  11. Jimmy back to earth and why does ANYONE bother to play the Habs... stand zero chance. Worst team on paper (way worse then us) yet never lose a game!
  12. True been noticing the decline for a while now.. lots of reasons though I can come up with. Anyways 6-2 with Vanek he goes down and it's 4 straight losses 6-6... just saying he seems to make a world of a difference to this team! Hurry up and get back... p.s. defense is the worst in league said it a million times needs major overhaul! Keep only Green.
  13. Man can't stand this defense! Need to play Larkin and AA a ton tonight to win.
  14. Mrazek sucks ass ...guaranteed 3 goals or more every game. He can't handle being a #1.
  15. We have by far the worst 6 defense in NHL ...need major overhaul!!