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  1. Hi sirdrake! Welcome back!

  2. whats to stop him from playing through the pain
  3. thats gross. saliva can carry herpes. if itwas a fan, im sure he caught him on camera. i hope he gets a permanent ban from all hockey stadiums, a fine, and mandatory herpes testing.
  4. how the heck does a goalie even get penalty minutes.
  5. no. chris chelios has the job of a hockey player. his role on the team is that of sixth man on d. he does not have the role of a gosh darn gm. relize this. and dont you ever quote me and call me out again.
  6. um. its not up to chris chelios who makes the team. maybe he needs to focus more on hockey than being a gm. just my two cents
  7. whatever. making hard decisions is part of being a gm. if you cant make them dont insult me for being able to make them. im a natural leader.
  9. what if you would have gotten a lot of new talent in return like sidney crosby and evegni malkin plus 4 1st roud draft picks
  10. ...and you were GM Ken Holland, would you have tried to trade him at the deadline? keep in mind no other gm or any other person for the matter knows it would have been his last season.
  11. i dont feel comfortable with osgood as a starter. i remember in 99 00 and 01 he couldnt handle his own against patrick roy and the avalanche.
  12. i dont care, im right and you are all wrong.
  13. how about you do your job instead of browsing the internet during work hours.
  14. great job insulting me instead of using facts to debate my facts. now everyone thinks youre 7.
  15. um. you guys shouldnt be remembering these guys who refused to wear helments. they had a choice to wear a safety device and they chose not to just too look cool. they made the people who watched them think helments were unnecessary. thats dumb. they shouldnt be rememberd. they should be forgotten. this topic should be about the first person to wear a gosh darn helment!