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  1. Bettman reaches 15-year anniversary

    Thanks a lot! I assure you I will do my best to make the NHL the best it can be.
  2. Should the NHL have first round byes in the playoffs?

    I think this is a great idea. Thank you for bringing this up. I think more change is just what the NHL needs, since we are on the right path to becoming even more popular than the NFL.
  3. Bobby Clarke for commish!

    Hmm, well, if all goes according to plan, by 2009 we should have anywhere from 4-6 new expansion teams located in Chattanooga, Mexico City, Alice Springs, and Osaka. We've also had interest from cities located in Mongolia, Belarus, and Indonesia, which we are exploring the option to put teams in. No interest from an African countries yet, but I assure you we'll have a team there soon enough. We're looking at Egypt at as a possible desination. Great fan support out there. Glad to see you're in favor of growing the game. I'll update you on any breaking news.
  4. Bettman has surgery

    Don't worry everyone. I assure you I'm ok, and this recent injury will not stop me from doing what I do best, and that's managing the NHL at a top notch level. Glad to see I have so many supportive fans here.
  5. Chelios Versus Bettman

    Chris Chelios will never overthrow me. I'm like a creeping vine, or a bad case of gonorrhea. I just don't go away, no matter how hard you try. Chris Chelios doesn't have the crudentials to be an NHL commisioner. He told me the other day he has no intention of keeping the Nashville Predators in Nashville, which is what really set me off with him in the first place. They have millions upon millions of great hockey fans down there that deserve to keep their team. Looking at my record books, I think they are leading the league in sellouts right now. The faulty statistics you seen last year were all purely lies. Fret not hockey fans. I assure you I will be NHL commisioner for a long, long time.
  6. Bobby Clarke for commish!

    Bobby Clarke will not become the new commsioner, because that role belongs to me. Besides, he would not turn the league around. Nobody would, because it doesn't need to be turned around. I am doing a fine job. My associates, such as my good buddy Jeremy Jacobs (who is a great guy) tell me that everyday.
  7. Wings to move East?

    The Red Wings will not move into the Eastern Conference. Mr. Devallano seems to be getting his sources mixed up. Our inital plans for the new team in Kansas City was to then move the Columbus Blue Jackets to the Eastern Conference. After all, the city of Columbus is further east. Besides, the Red Wings have some great divisional rivalries going on right now with teams like Nashville, St. Louis, and Chicago. It's all very exiting hockey in my opinion.
  8. fire bettman Night

    Fools. You will never fire me.