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  1. the drummer for Blue Light Special ...oh wait, that was me. Legend has it that there is an enduro rider terrorizing the trails in the North Cascades they call The Single Track Slayer. He only rides Gas Gas and usually seen in Red Wings practice jersey. They say he climbs like a mountain goat, comes up behind you on night rides like something out of the Book of Revelations, and wheeelies the entire Washington Backcountry Discovery Route.
  2. QUOTE OF THE DAY "It was pretty impressive. I've never been a part of that. Even in video games I've never seen that." Joel Ward on San Jose sweeping a six-game road trip for the first time in team history
  3. And his Dad is married to Cami Granato, Asst Coach Granato's sister...since we re all playing the dad card.
  4. GDT

    Ill be in my usual seat, 2500 miles away. Go Wings.
  5. So Babs wouldnot have won that Carolina game...
  6. gdt

    Last yr, Jurco literally had mmore posts tthan goals. He'll get there.
  7. Last night Front row center for UB40 at Mt Baker Theatre. A cool 90 yr old historical small 1500 seat theatre. The Finale , at the end we get a blow by from the trombone. :-)
  8. So Larkin head to head vs Bergeron?
  9. Fwiw,The Chicago GDT had numerous posts regarding richards improved speed and conditioning since he's been working out with a new guy.
  10. So awesome that you remember her nickname. :-) And since you asked, I am doing great, thanks so much. Was the keynote speaker at an ALS fundraiser walk this weekend. Everyone laughed at my jokes. Yay me. Olivia cut the ribbon, she's almost five. Lilja had her 3rd birthday party tonight, it was a blast. Everyone told me to do voice banking while I'm still able to talk, but no one could tell us where to go. So Jen and I were instrumental in developing a voice banking program at Western Washington University. Now people have a place to go. Then I was recruited to be part of the Microsoft Eyegaze Research & Development team with Steve Gleason. He is the Man. Yes, I been driving a power wheelchair with my eyes. http://youtu.be/k9QLWB5dR9Q http://youtu.be/uK5OcERhxZo http://youtu.be/xbmx92N6C9o And I spent a week coaching at a kids basketball camp...in my power wheelchair. It was cool. Oh, and as far as eating a bag of Dick's: http://youtu.be/ecc0nbg9m-8
  11. Every three months I have to go to Seattle to get poked and prodded, masked and tubed, for my ALS checkup. We always reward ourselves with eating a bag of Dick's. :-) http://youtu.be/rDLrfYIRLds
  12. After reading about that last year I emailed the company, but they do not yet have a process for ALS patients. Even in the face of death, Gordie is still inspiring . GORDIE!
  13. I grew up with Pat La Fontaine, (look him up). So yes, I've been watching all this unfold with the Red Wings. It's been amazing to watch